Proof of SnapVault from ONTAP 8.3 to 8.2.3

It might be a little known fact, but you can SnapVault from ONTAP 8.3 to 8.2.3 (I’m not certain it is 100% supported). The usefulness of this is if you want to run your production systems on 8.3 (or better), but still have 32-bit snapshots to keep on your SnapVault cluster, so want the SnapVault cluster to remain sub 8.3 (and when the snapshots have finally aged out you’ll upgrade it to 8.3+).

N.B. 1: Version flexible SnapMirror comes in in ONTAP 8.3, but only allows going back to 8.3 (e.g. 8.4 source back to 8.3 destination); SnapVault (XDP mirror) is a different case.

N.B. 2: Here my 8.3P2 cluster is NACLU7, and 8.2.3P2 is NACLU5. The SVMs are respectively NASV1 and CIFSV1.

NACLU7::> version
NetApp Release 8.3P2: Tue May 19 07:34:02 PDT 2015

NACLU5::> version
NetApp Release 8.2.3P2 Cluster-Mode: Thu Mar 05 00:47:29 PST 2015

cluster peer policy modify -is-unauthenticated-access-permitted true
cluster peer create -peer-addrs -no-authentication

cluster peer create -peer-addrs
cluster peer show

Peer Cluster Name Cluster Serial Number Availability
----------------- --------------------- ---------------
NACLU7            1-80-000008           Available

cluster peer show

Peer Cluster Name Cluster Serial Number Availability   Authentication
----------------- --------------------- -------------- --------------
NACLU5            1-80-000099           Available      absent

vserver peer create -vserver NASV1 -peer-vserver CIFSV1 -peer-cluster NACLU5 -applications snapmirror

NACLU5::> vserver peer accept -vserver CIFSV1 -peer-vserver NASV1

NACLU7::> vol create -vserver NASV1 -volume SVTEST -aggregate NACLU7N1_AGGR1 -size 1g -junction-path /SVTEST -space-guarantee none -snapshot-policy none

vol create -vserver CIFSV1 -volume SVTEST_SV -aggregate N1_aggr1 -size 1g -space-guarantee none -type DP -language en.UTF-8
snapmirror create -source-path NASV1:SVTEST -destination-path CIFSV1:SVTEST_SV -type XDP -policy XDPDefault
snapmirror initialize -destination-path CIFSV1:SVTEST_SV
snapmirror show -destination-path CIFSV1:SVTEST_SV -fields state,status,healthy

source-path  destination-path state        status healthy
------------ ---------------- ------------ ------ -------
NASV1:SVTEST CIFSV1:SVTEST_SV Snapmirrored Idle   true

snapshot show -volume SVTEST_SV  -fields snapshot,snapmirror-label

vserver volume    snapshot                       snapmirror-label
------- --------- ------------------------------ ----------------
CIFSV1  SVTEST_SV snapmirror...2015-08-31_125004 -

The XDPDefault SnapMirror (SnapVault) Policy keeps 7 daily and 52 weekly snapshots, so if we create a snapshot on NACLU7 with the label daily or weekly, it will get transferred on the next update, any other snapshots won’t.

snapshot create -vserver NASV1 -volume SVTEST -snapshot daily.01 -snapmirror-label daily
snapshot create -vserver NASV1 -volume SVTEST -snapshot random.01 -snapmirror-label random

snapmirror update -destination-path CIFSV1:SVTEST_SV
snapshot show -volume SVTEST_SV  -fields snapshot,snapmirror-label

vserver volume    snapshot snapmirror-label
------- --------- -------- ----------------
CIFSV1  SVTEST_SV daily.01 daily

Proof we have a working SnapVault relation from 8.3 to 8.2.3!