Manually Obtaining System Configuration Backups over the SPI

If you’re about to upgrade a Single-Node cDOT cluster, or perhaps your “system configuration backup upload” has stopped working for whatever reason (perhaps you need to schedule in a mgwd restart or - better - node reboot), and you want to obtain the latest System Configuration Backup, keep reading!

N.B. Here we have a single-node cluster (running 8.2.2P1) called CLU01, with a node called CLU01N1.

Via the Clustershell ::>

set adv
system configuration backup create -node CLU01N1 -backup-type cluster -backup-name SCBACKUP
system configuration backup show -backup SCBACKUP.7z

N.B.: Wait for the job to finish. Once the backup is complete the “system configuration backup show” will display the backup.

Via the Clustershell ::*>

security login password -username diag
security login unlock -username diag

Via the Systemshell %

ls /mroot/etc/backups/config
cp /mroot/etc/backups/config/SCBACKUP.7z /mroot/etc/log/SCBACKUP.7z

Connect to the SPI https://CLU01/spi

Images: Clustered Data ONTAP SPI (Service Processor Infrastructure)
Click on the logs link
Click on the backup file - SCBACKUP.7z - to download it

Via the Systemshell %

rm /mroot/etc/log/SCBACKUP.7z

N.B.: This removes the file from the /mroot/etc/log.

Via the Clustershell ::*>

system configuration backup delete -node CLU01N1 -backup SCBACKUP.7z
system configuration backup show
set adm

N.B.: This correctly deletes the system configuration backup file