Sunday, 15 November 2015

cDOT Mini Projects I’d Like to do if I had the Time

A few cDOT mini projects I’d like to do if I had the time...

1) vCheck for cDOT

2) Apache Perl / IIS PowerShell Web Forms, customizable Web Browser based pre/post change Health Check tool/Auditor

3) Backup and restore of Cluster/SVM config items tool

4) cDOT AV Connector Automated Deployment/Upgrades

5) ONTAP Buttons

In this post I showed it’s possible to have a batch file that is also a PowerShell script. So, I was thinking it would be cool to have a suite of PowerShell applet like buttons that you can invoke by simply double-clicking a file. Some of the things I’d convert to this format I have the basic code for already. Ideas (endless possibilities - hence this is the last item in my list):

- Volume Snapshot Reserve resizer
- Synchronizing cron schedules cluster to cluster
- Tidy up of unused/unnecessary cron schedules
- Synchronizing snapshot policies
- Synchronizing snapshot policies on volumes
- Synchronizing volume efficiency policies
- Synchronizing snapmirror policies
- Storing snapmirror schedules in destination volume comments
- Storing snapmirror schedules in source volume comments
- Storing snapvault policies and schedules in destination volume comments
- Storing snapvault policies and schedules in source volume comments
- Snapmirror schedule re-distributor (i.e. for changing separation of snapmirror schedules from say 10 to 3 minute)
- Synchronizing quota policies and rules
- Synchronizing CIFS shares
- Tidy up of unnecessary shares on DR
- Synchronizing UNIX groups
- Tidy up of unnecessary UNIX groups
- Synchronizing UNIX users
- Tidy up of unnecessary UNIX users
- Synchronizing name-mappings
- Tidy up of unnecessary name-mappings (including rationalization where the default domain name-mapping will work)
- Synchronizing NFS exports and rules
- Tidying up unnecessary export-policies
- Tidying up dead clients in export-policy rules
- Volume Max Autosize Resizer (i.e. SnapVaults have a default 90TB max autosize which sets of OCUM’s over provisioning alert)
- Flexclone split estimator

And on, and on ...

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