Sunday, 8 November 2015

Synchronizing cDOT Cron Schedules Cluster to Cluster

The following tool can be used to synchronize cron schedules from one Clustered Data ONTAP cluster to another (even if they are on a different ONTAP version.)

The tool can be run in a variety of ways. The example below is run from simply double clicking a BAT file - no prompts need to be answered:

Image: Example running Sync-Cron.ps1 using a BAT file
The Script - Sync-Cron.ps1

## To run in a BAT file (switches optional):
# Powershell.exe .\Sync-Cron.ps1

## To create $SecurePasswordString run:
# PS> (Read-Host -AsSecureString) | ConvertFrom-SecureString
# N.B. This string only works when logged in as the same Windows user that created it.

If($SecurePasswordString){ $Password = $SecurePasswordString | ConvertTo-SecureString }

FUNCTION Wr { Param([String]$ToDisplay,[String]$Color = "WHITE")
  IF($ToDisplay){ Write-Host $ToDisplay -ForegroundColor $Color -NoNewLine } ELSE { Write-Host } }

Wr "+++++ Cron Schedule Cluster to Cluster Synchronizer +++++" MAGENTA; Wr; Wr
Wr "Cluster Login User     : " CYAN; If($ClusterUser){ Wr $ClusterUser; Wr }else{ $ClusterUser = Read-Host }
Wr "Cluster Login Password : " CYAN; If($Password){ Wr "*****"; Wr }else{ $Password = Read-Host -AsSecureString }
Wr "Cluster - Primary      : " CYAN; If($PrimaryCluster){ Wr $PrimaryCluster; Wr }else{ $PrimaryCluster = Read-Host }
Wr "Cluster - Secondary    : " CYAN; If($SecondaryCluster){ Wr $SecondaryCluster; Wr }else{ $SecondaryCluster = Read-Host }; Wr
$Credential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PsCredential($ClusterUser,$Password)

FUNCTION PressEnterToContinue{ If(!$SkipPressEnter){ Wr "Press to exit ..." CYAN; Read-Host }; EXIT }
  If(Get-Module DataONTAP){ RETURN }
  [Void](Import-Module DataONTAP -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)
  If(!(Get-Module DataONTAP)){ Wr "Unable to load the DataONTAP PowerShell Toolkit - exiting!" RED; Wr; Wr; PressEnterToContinue }
  Wr "Loaded the Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit!" GREEN; Wr; Wr }
FUNCTION Connect-ToCluster {
  $Connect = Connect-NcController -Name $ClusterName -Credential $Credential -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
  If(!$Connect){ Wr "Unable to connect to $ClusterName!" RED; Wr; Wr; PressEnterToContinue }
  Wr "Connected to $ClusterName" GREEN; Wr; Wr }

[Void](Connect-ToCluster $PrimaryCluster)
$SourceCronJobs = Get-NcJobCronSchedule;
Wr "++ Collected cron jobs from $PrimaryCluster ++"; Wr; Wr
[Void](Connect-ToCluster $SecondaryCluster)
$SourceCronJobs | foreach { $_.NcController = $null; [Void]( $_ | Add-NcJobCronSchedule -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ) }
$SourceCronJobs | foreach { $_.NcController = $null; [Void]( $_ | Set-NcJobCronSchedule -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ) }
Wr "++ Applied cron jobs to $SecondaryCluster ++"; Wr; Wr

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