OCUM 6.3 Virtual Appliance Quick Install Notes: Part 2 of 2 (Web UI)

Continuing from part 1...

1) Log into OnCommand Unified Manager in a web browser by using https://IP_of_OCUM or https://FQDN_of_OCUM:

Image 1: Logging into OCUM
2) Q: Do you want to enable AutoSupport capabilities? {Yes/No}

Note: For this walkthrough ‘no’ has been selected.

Image 2: OCUM Initial Setup - AutoSupport
3) Enter NTP Server, Maintenance User Email, and SMTP Server Hostname information:

Image 3: OCUM Initial Setup - NTP Server/ Maintenance User Email/ SMTP Server Hostname
Note: These boxes cannot be left blank (SMTP Options is optional) and DNS names must resolve (can use an IP instead to get around this - and don’t need a valid email address.)

4) That’s it - we’re ready to get started!

Image 4: Start using OCUM by adding a cluster