Using Clustershell to Transition LUNs from 7 to C

Wasn’t sure we could do it with Clustershell, but we definitely can in 8.3.1!

Step 1: Setup on 8.1.4 7-Mode Controller

# FAS1>

vol create SANTEST01 -l C.UTF-8 -s none aggr0 3g
vol options SANTEST01 no_i2p off
vol options SANTEST01 nvfail off
vol options SANTEST01 read_realloc off
vol status SANTEST01

lun create -s 2g -t windows_2008 -o noreserve /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun
lun show /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun
igroup create -i -t windows MS02
igroup show MS02
lun map /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun MS02 11
lun show -m /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun
lun show -v /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun

snapmirror on
options snapmirror.access *

Note: The vol options bit isn’t necessary since they all default to off with the new volume, just here to demonstrate that these need to be off before transitioning from 7 to C.

2: Setup on 8.3.1 CDOT Cluster

# CLU1::>

volume create -vserver SVM1 -volume SANTEST01 -type DP -aggregate N1_aggr1 -size 3g
vserver peer transition create -local-vserver SVM1 -src-filer-name
snapmirror create -source-path -destination-path SVM1:SANTEST01 -type TDP
snapmirror initialize -destination-path SVM1:SANTEST01
snapmirror show -destination-path SVM1:SANTEST01 -fields state,status

igroup create -vserver SVM1 -igroup MS02 -protocol iscsi -ostype windows -initiator

3: Cutover Steps on 8.1.4 7-Mode Controller

Shutdown servers and/or applications using the LUN, and then...

# FAS1>

lun unmap /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun MS02
vol offline SANTEST01

4: Cutover Steps on 8.3.1 CDOT Cluster

# CLU::>

snapmirror update -destination-path SVM1:SANTEST01
snapmirror break -destination-path SVM1:SANTEST01
lun show -vserver SVM1 -path /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun
lun offline -vserver SVM1 -path /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun
lun modify -vserver SVM1 -path /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun -serial BpEwz$Hb4Ryw
lun online -vserver SVM1 -path /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun
lun map -vserver SVM1 -path /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun -igroup MS02 -lun-id 11

5: Tidy up Steps on 8.3.1 CDOT Cluster

# CLU::>

snapmirror delete -destination-path SVM1:SANTEST01

6: Tidy up Steps on on 8.1.4 7-Mode Controller

# FAS1>

snapmirror release SANTEST01 SVM1:SANTEST01

7: Very final Tidy Up on 8.3.1 CDOT Cluster

# CLU::>

vserver peer transition delete -local-vserver SVM1 -src-filer-name

Proof of the pudding...

CLU1::> lun show -vserver SVM1 -path /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun

              Vserver Name: SVM1
                  LUN Path: /vol/SANTEST01/SANLUN01.lun
               Volume Name: SANTEST01
                Qtree Name: ""
                  LUN Name: SANLUN01.lun
                  LUN Size: 2.01GB
                   OS Type: windows_2008
         Space Reservation: disabled
             Serial Number: BpEwz$Hb4Ryw
       Serial Number (Hex): 427045777a24486234527977
Space Reservations Honored: false
          Space Allocation: disabled
                     State: online
                  LUN UUID: 0bd3fe2f-e296-42c5-bbce-14bf0dbf2e47
                    Mapped: mapped
                Block Size: 512
          Device Legacy ID: -
          Device Binary ID: -
            Device Text ID: -
                 Read Only: false
     Fenced Due to Restore: false
                 Used Size: 0
       Maximum Resize Size: 502.0GB
             Creation Time: 1/20/2016 14:03:38
                     Class: regular
      Node Hosting the LUN: CLU1N1
          QoS Policy Group: -
                     Clone: false
  Clone Autodelete Enabled: false
       Inconsistent import: false


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  2. How do i get the serial# ?

  3. where do we get the serial number

  4. lun show -v /vol/volname/lun in 7 mode will give you LUN ID.

  5. didnt know you could run a snapmirror update against an offline volume. interesting.


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