Friday, 4 March 2016

Vol Moving Volumes in a TDP Relation

A useful thing to know that you can vol move volumes in cDOT that are in a TDP (transition) relation with 7-Mode - useful if you’ve put the destination volume on the wrong node in the cluster…

Commands to vol move a volume in a TDP relation:


snapmirror show -destination-path SVMNAME:VOLNAME
volume show -volume VOLNAME -fields aggregate
snapmirror break -destination-path SVMNAME:VOLNAME
set d
volume transition-protect -vserver SVMNAME -volume VOLNAME -is-enabled off
volume move start -vserver SVMNAME -volume VOLNAME -destination-aggregate NEW_DESTINATION_AGGR
volume move show -vserver SVMNAME -volume VOLNAME
volume transition-protect -vserver SVMNAME -volume VOLNAME -is-enabled on
snapmirror resync -destination-path SVMNAME:VOLNAME
snapmirror show -destination-path SVMNAME:VOLNAME

Checking the transition session in 7MTT CLI:


transition update -s 7MTT_SESSION -r no
transition show -s 7MTT_SESSION -r no

Note: If you’re using 7MTT GUI, run an update from there to check all is good.

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