Adding: Cluster to OCUM and WFA/ OCUM to WFA/ WFA to OCUM

Now for the culmination of the following posts:

This post covers exactly what’s in the title.

1) Add Cluster to OCUM

Connect to OCUM’s Web UI via a suitable browser:
https://OCUM_Server (or from the OCUM server: https://localhost)

Completing the setup:

 - Yes to AutoSupport
- Maintenance User Email: ocum@lab.priv
- SMTP Server Hostname:

Aside: Creating a domain user for LAB\ocum on the cluster with SVM for AD Authentication

vserver create -vserver CLU1AD -aggregate N1_aggr1 -rootvolume rootvol -rootvolume-security-style UNIX
net int create -vserver CLU1AD -lif AD -role data -data-protocol none -address -netmask -home-node CLU1N1 -home-port e0c
vserver services dns create -vserver CLU1AD -domains LAB.PRIV -name-servers
cifs server create -vserver CLU1AD -cifs-server CLU1AD -domain LAB.PRIV
domain-tunnel create -vserver CLU1AD
security login create -vserver CLU1 -user-or-group-name LAB\ocum -application ontapi -authmethod domain -role admin
security login create -vserver CLU1 -user-or-group-name LAB\ocum -application ssh -authmethod domain -role admin

Click ‘Add Cluster’ and supply the details

Host Name: CLU1.LAB.PRIV
User Name: LAB\ocum
Password: ********
Protocol: HTTPS
Port: 443

Image: Adding a Cluster in OCUM
2) Adding Cluster to WFA

Aside: Creating a domain user for LAB\wfa on the cluster

security login create -vserver CLU1 -user-or-group-name LAB\wfa -application ontapi -authmethod domain -role admin

Add cluster credentials to WFA

User name: LAB\wfa
Password: ********

Image: Adding Cluster to WFA
3) Adding OCUM to WFA

In the OCUM WebUI create a database user via -
Administration -> Manager Users
- and supply the relevant details.

Type: Database User
Name: WFA
Password: *********
Confirm Password: *********
Role: Integration Schema

Image: Add user for WFA in OCUM
Then in the WFA WebUI we add OCUM 6.3 providing the relevant details.

Data source type: OnCommand Unified Manager - 6.3 (MYSQL)
Port: 3306
User name: WFA
Password: *********

Image: Adding OCUM 6.3 to WFA
4) Adding WFA to OCUM

In OCUM WebUI ‘Administration -> Setup Options -> Add-ons -> Workflow Automation’, supply the relevant information:

OnCommand Unified Manager Database User
Name: WFA
Pasword: *********

OnCommand Workflow Automation Credentials
Host Name or IP Address: MSWFA3.LAB.PRIV
User Name: admin
Password: *********

Image: Adding WFA to OCUM