Pre Cluster Setup Image Build Recipe for 8.3.1 SIM

I haven’t done a build recipe in ages and needed to update my lab with 8.3.1 vSIMs (will share the lab design later), so, time to bake a cake...

Note: This is in VMware Workstation 12.

Part 1) Up to Completing Node Setup

1.1) Download and deploy the OVA (vsim-netapp-DOT8.3.1-cm.ova) - this is very simple to do!

Image: Deploying the OVA

1.2) Add additional Virtual Network Adapters as required.
1.3) Power on the virtual machine
1.4) When it says -

Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt

- press any other key

1.5) Run the following commands from VLOADER>

setenv bootarg.vm.no_poweroff_on_halt false
setenv bootarg.nvram.sysid XXXXXXXXXX
printenv bootarg.vm.no_poweroff_on_halt
printenv bootarg.nvram.sysid

Note: Replace XXXXXXX-XX-X and XXXXXXXXXX with the serial number you want to give your SIM. You will need license keys for that serial. If you only intend to have one SIM, don’t bother changing the Serial Number and Sysid.

1.6) When it says -

* Press Ctrl-C for Boot Menu *

- press Ctrl-C

1.7) In the Boot Menu, select -

(4) Clean configuration and initialize all disks

- and follow the prompts with y, to kick off the wipeconfig request:

Zero disks, reset config and install a new file system? y
This will erase all the data on the disks, are you sure? y

Wait for the wipeconfig request to complete

1.8) Welcome to node setup...

Type yes to confirm (AutoSupport) and continue {yes}: yes
Enter the node management interface port [e0c]:
Enter the node management interface IP address: X.X.X.X
Enter the node management interface netmask: X.X.X.X
Enter the node management interface default gateway: X.X.X.X

Note: Replace X.X.X.X as required.

1.9) Login as admin (initially there is no password):

login: admin

Part 2) Pre-Cluster Setup Enabling SSH (PuTTY) Access

Since it’s a pain doing stuff via the console (no copy and paste), we enable SSH access to our pre-cluster setup node.

::> security login password

Please enter your current password:
Enter a new password:
Enter it again:

::> security login create -vserver Default -user-or-group-name admin -application ssh -authmethod password -role admin

Then use an SSH client to access the node management IP

Part 3) Making the Root Vol and Root Aggregate bigger

The root vol on a VSIM is small, and can fill up with logs and take the node offline, hence we do this...

Firstly, verify where the root disks are:

::> disk show -container-type aggregate
::> disk show -container-type spare

All the aggregate and spare disks should be on v0 (may have no spare disks which is ok), if not this needs to be taken into account before continuing! Then we drop into the node shell (can’t add disks from Clustershell since “Error: command failed: database is not open”), to add 9 disks to the root aggregate (leaving 2 spare - not that we really need spares on a SIM). Also increase vol0 to 75% the size of the root aggregate.

::> node run local
> disk assign v0.*
> aggr add aggr0 9
> snap sched -A aggr0 0 0 0
> snap delete -a -A aggr0
> aggr options aggr0 percent_snapshot_space 0
> vol size vol0 6750m
> exit

Part 4) Getting More and Bigger Disk

Then we blow away the one unused shelf of 1GB disks, and add 3 new shelves of 4 GB disks via the systemshell, finally rebooting the node.

::> security login unlock -username diag
::> security login password -username diag
::> set -priv diag
::*> systemshell local

login: diag

% setenv PATH "${PATH}:/usr/sbin"
% echo $PATH


% cd /sim/dev/,disks
% ls
% sudo rm v1*
% sudo rm ,reservations
% cd /sim/dev
% vsim_makedisks -h
% sudo vsim_makedisks -n 14 -t 31 -a 1
% sudo vsim_makedisks -n 14 -t 31 -a 2
% sudo vsim_makedisks -n 14 -t 31 -a 3
% ls ,disks/
% exit

::*> system node reboot local

Part 5) Assigning Disks, Halt, and VM Snapshot

When the node reboots, press Ctrl+C to exit node setup wizard, and login. Then assign all the disks:

::> node run local
> disk assign all
> exit
::> rows 0
::> disk show

You should have 56 disks.
Finally, halt the node and take a snapshot of this nice pre Cluster setup build.

::> system node halt local


  1. I really love these guides they have helped me a bunch. I would suggest to streamline things and save a lot of time to instead of doing step 4, and at step 1.5 adding the following: bootarg.sim.vdevinit 31:14:0,31:14:1,31:14:2 bootarg.vm.sim.vdevinit 31:14:0,31:14:1,31:14:2

    1. Hi Bushmr, thank you for the comment. That vdevinit is great, next time I update my recipe, I'll definately use it (I've tried it out already). Many thanks, vCosonok.

    2. i am new to netapp and preparing for ns0145, beside want to setup a full lab environment using simulator. Any consolidated guide where is can follow from start till expert level. Thanks you very much and appreciate your hard work


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