W16 Lab Series: Part 3 - What Next (Some Ideas)?

I’m anticipating being quite busy for the next few weeks at least, so may not get time to do any more posts on this series for a while (my last 5 posts - including this one - I actually finished off/wrote on … ahem … vacation).

In part 1 we setup our AD users and groups, in part 2 we setup DNS, now for “What would come next?”

Cluster build is to a great extent down to preference and requirements, so not all of the below is for everyone The below considers real-world systems, and no point re-inventing the wheel, so the below adapts some work from a real-world cluster build doc I compiled.

Section 1: Pre WFA Cluster Build (Stuff that won’t be WFA-erized)

1.1) Basic Cluster Setup
We leave this to the Installation Engineer to complete via simple Cluster Setup Wizard. We just need:
- Cluster Name
- Cluster Management IP
- Node Management IP(s)
- (temporary) admin password
- Service-Processors configured

1.2) Making sure the root aggr is on the right disk/stack
Again, since this may require physical intervention, we leave this to the Installation Engineer to complete.

Section 2: WFA Cluster Build

A lot of the below could be prefixed with “verify/modify/configure/create”
 A lot of the below could be suffixed with “as required”

2.1) Service-Processor configuration
2.2) System timeout value for CLI sessions
2.3) Cluster HA/Storage Failover (SFO) settings
2.4) Cluster Switch Health Monitoring
2.5) Rename nodes as per naming convention
2.6) Disk ownership
2.7) Root aggregating naming as per naming convention
2.8) Aggregate creation
2.9) Aggregate snapshot settings
2.10) Resize root volumes to 75% root aggr size
2.11) Per-node vol0 snapshot settings (like snap sched)
2.12) Timezone configuration
2.13) NTP server configuration
2.14) IPspaces
2.15) Broadcast domains/VLANs
2.16) Network routes
2.17) Failover groups
2.18) Rename cluster mgmt. LIF as per convention
2.19) Rename node mgmt. LIFs as per convention
2.20) Tuning - flow control settings
2.21) Tuning - aggregate free space reallocation
2.22) Tuning - wafl.optimize_write_once off
2.23) Flash cache options
2.24) Firewall policies
2.25) Autosupport configuration
2.26) Create Intercluster LIFs
2.27) Custom Cron Schedules
2.28) Custom Snapshot Policies
2.29) Custom SnapMirror Policies
2.30) Generate CSRs (Certificate Signing Requests)
2.31) Install SSL certs (this would require WFA access to a Certification Authority, otherwise would need to be post WFA Cluster Build)
2.32) Banner (MOTD)
2.33) AD Authentication SVM
2.34) RBAC (Role Based Access Control) / security roles, users and groups
2.35) Change temporary admin password