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7MTT 3.0 CLI End to End Transition Commands for CBT

Continuing from the previous post, here’s a demonstration via an example of how to use 7MTT 3.0 CLI and PowerShell to transition from 7-Mode to cDOT (lab versions are 8.2.3 and 8.3.2).

In the demonstration, we just transition a standalone volume. To make it more interesting though and to test out some features, we add to the mix vFilers and IPSpaces.

Note: The colour coding has Clustershell ::> green, 7-Mode’s Nodeshell > grey, and PowerShell PS> blue.

Some Initial cDOT Setup

We create an IPSpace for the - to be - transitioned vFiler, with Intercluster LIFs in the IPSpace on each node for SnapMirror replication:

ipspace create -ipspace VF01-IPSPACE

broadcast-domain remove-ports -broadcast-domain Default -ports clu1n1:e0d,clu1n1:e0f,clu1n2:e0d,clu1n2:e0f

broadcast-domain create -broadcast-domain VF01 -ipspace VF01-IPSPACE -mtu 1500 -port clu1n1:e0d,clu1n1:e0f,clu1n2:e0d,clu1n2:e0f

net int create -vserver VF01-IPSPACE -lif vf01-n1-icl -role intercluster -home-node clu1n1 -home-port e0d -address -netmask

net int create -vserver VF01-IPSPACE -lif vf01-n2-icl -role intercluster -home-node clu1n2 -home-port e0d -address -netmask

Some Initial 7-Mode Setup

We allow snapmirror and create a vFiler VF01 with one volume and a test share:

options snapmirror.access host=,

options licensed_feature.multistore.enable on
vol create VF01_VOL0 -s none aggr0 10g
vfiler create VF01 -n -s default-ipspace -i /vol/VF01_VOL0

wrfile -a /etc/hosts VF01 FAS101-e0b
wrfile -a /etc/hosts FAS101-e0c
wrfile -a /etc/hosts FAS101-e0d
ifconfig e0b `hostname`-e0b mediatype auto flowcontrol none mtusize 1500
ifconfig e0c `hostname`-e0c mediatype auto flowcontrol none mtusize 1500
ifconfig e0d `hostname`-e0d mediatype auto flowcontrol none mtusize 1500
wrfile -a /etc/rc ifconfig e0b `hostname`-e0b mediatype auto flowcontrol none mtusize 1500
wrfile -a /etc/rc ifconfig e0c `hostname`-e0c mediatype auto flowcontrol none mtusize 1500
wrfile -a /etc/rc ifconfig e0d `hostname`-e0d mediatype auto flowcontrol none mtusize 1500

vol create VF01_VOL1 -s none aggr0 10g
vfiler add VF01 /vol/VF01_VOL1
vfiler disallow VF01 proto=nfs proto=iscsi proto=rsh proto=ftp

vfiler run VF01 options security.passwd.rules.history 0
vfiler run VF01 setup
vfiler run VF01 cifs setup
vfiler run VF01 cifs shares -add VF01_VOL1 /vol/VF01_VOL1

Image: Test share
Variables That We* Will Use in 7MTT 3.0 CLI for the Transition
*Not all are necessary for the most basic of transitions

$PG_NAME        # Project Group Name
$PG_DESCRIPTION # Project Group Description

$7M_HOST       # 7-Mode Host Name or Mgmt IP
$7M_ADMIN_USER # 7-Mode Administrative User Name
$CM_HOST       # C-Mode Cluster Name or Mgmt IP
$CM_ADMIN_USER # C-Mode Administrative User Name

$PROJECT      # Project Name
$PROJ_TYPE    # Project Type (primary, secondary, or standalone)
$7M_COPY_IP   # 7-Mode Data Copy IP
$7M_COPY_IP2  # 7-Mode Multipathing IP Address
$7M_VFILER    # 7-Mode vFiler
$CM_SVM       # C-Mode Destination SVM Name
$CM_SVM_RAGGR # C-Mode SVM's Root Aggr
$CM_IPSPACE   # C-Mode IPSpace of Target SVM

$LIF_IP       # Data LIF IP      
$LIF_NETMASK  # Data LIF Netmask 
$LIF_GATEWAY  # Data LIF Gateway 
$LIF_HOMEPORT # Data LIF Home port
$LIF_NODE     # Data LIF Home node

$7M_VOLUME # 7-Mode Volume Name
$CM_VOLUME # C-Mode Volume Name
$CM_AGGR   # C-Mode Destination Aggregate

$SCHEDULE          # Schedule Name
$SCHED_DAYS        # Days to run
$SCHED_START       # Start Time
$SCHED_DURATION    # Duration
$SCHED_AVAIL_TRANS # Available transfers percent
$SCHED_CONC_TRANS  # Maximum concurrent transfers
$SCHED_THROTTLE    # Project SnapMirror Throttle (MBps)
$SCHED_UPDATE      # Update Frequency

$PRECUT_MODE # Precutover operation mode: 'no_test', 'ro_test', or 'rw_test'

$CUTOVER_OFFLINE_SRC # Offline source volumes 'true' or 'false'

Variables with their Values

$PG_NAME = "VF01_Project_Group"
$PG_DESCRIPTION = "VF01 Project Group"

$7M_HOST = ""
$7M_ADMIN_USER = "root"
$CM_HOST = ""
$CM_ADMIN_USER = "admin"

$PROJ_TYPE = "standalone"
$7M_COPY_IP = ""
$7M_COPY_IP2 = ""
$7M_VFILER = "VF01"
$CM_SVM = "VF01"
$CM_SVM_RAGGR = "clu1n1_sata_aggr1"

$LIF_IP       = ""
$LIF_NODE     = "clu1n1"

$7M_VOLUME = "VF01_VOL1"
$CM_AGGR = "clu1n1_sata_aggr1"

$SCHEDULE = "Schedule_01"
$SCH_DAYS = "0-6"
$SCH_START = "0:0"  
$SCH_DURATION = "24:0"
$SCH_UPDATE = "5:0"

$PRECUT_MODE = "ro_test"


Step-by-Step Transitioning a Standalone Volume to cDOT with 7MTT 3.0 CLI*
*and a little bit of Clustershell

Note that some of the stuff used below is optional, such as: could have used the default project group; could have pre-created the SVM with management LIF, CIFS server, and CIFS test LIF (my preference); totally optional was the downing the transitioned CIFS server to give it the old AD machine account and NETBIOS name...

transition projectgroup create -g $PG_NAME -d $PG_DESCRIPTION

transition credentials add -h $7M_HOST -u $7M_ADMIN_USER
transition credentials add -h $CM_HOST -u $CM_ADMIN_USER

transition cbt create -p $PROJECT -t $PROJ_TYPE -n $7M_HOST -c $7M_COPY_IP -m $7M_COPY_IP2 -f $7M_VFILER -h $CM_HOST -v $CM_SVM -r $CM_SVM_RAGGR -i $CM_IPSPACE -g $PG_NAME

transition cbt lif add -p $PROJECT -i $LIF_IP -m $LIF_NETMASK -g $LIF_GATEWAY -u $LIF_HOMEPORT -n $LIF_NODE

transition cbt volumepair add -p $PROJECT -v $7M_VOLUME -c $CM_VOLUME -g $CM_AGGR


transition cbt show -p $PROJECT -r no

transition cbt precheck -p $PROJECT -r no

transition cbt start -p $PROJECT -n -r no

transition cbt update -p $PROJECT -t $SCH_AVAIL_TRANS -c $SCH_CONC_TRANS -x $SCH_THROTTLE -r no

net int create -vserver VF01 -lif VF01 -data-protocol cifs -address -netmask -home-port e0f -home-node clu1n1
vserver services dns create -vserver VF01 -domains lab.priv -name-servers
vserver cifs create -vserver VF01 -cifs-server VF01_B -domain lab.priv

transition cbt precutover -p $PROJECT -m $PRECUT_MODE -r no
transition cbt cutover -p $PROJECT -o $OFFLINE_SRC_VOLS -r no

set d
cifs server modify -vserver VF01 -status-admin down
cifs server modify -vserver VF01 -cifs-server VF01

transition cbt delete -p $PROJECT

Taking it Forward

Further investigations:

- Investigate transitioning primary and secondary 7-Mode volumes
- Create a spreadsheet that allows easy management of multiple projects, and automatic generation of 7MTT CLI commands
- See if my June 2016 7MTT Multiple Job Parser still works with 7MTT 3.0

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