NDMP Configuration Super Express Guide (8.3.2)

Since I’m lazy to keep re-reading PDFs, and my memory’s not so great, here is my “NDMP Configuration Super Express Guide” ...

This is based on the official NDMP Configuration Express Guide (for ONTAP 8.3.2), with a view to using something like Symantec Netbackup 7.7 which supports CAB (Cluster Aware Backup) extension and operates in SVM scope NDMP mode, and not using tape (at least not having tape directly connected to a NetApp controller.)

1) Verify the backup application supports the Cluster Aware Backup (CAB) extension from the NetApp Interoperability Matrix tool.

2) Verify every node in the cluster (which has volumes we want to backup) has intercluster LIFs::>

network interface show -role intercluster

And check they are ping-able from the backup server (also check you can ping the/a Cluster Management LIF).

3) Enable SVM-scoped NDMP mode (disable node-scope mode)::>

system services ndmp node-scope-mode off

4) Enable NDMP service on the admin SVM::>

vserver services ndmp on -vserver {CLUSTER NAME}

And verify the NDMP service is enabled and view the settings::>

vserver services ndmp show -vserver {CLUSTER NAME}

5) Configure a backup user for the cluster::>

security login create -user-or-group-name {BACKUP ADMIN} -application ssh -authmethod {AUTH METHOD} -role backup

6) Generate NDMP password for the user (not the same as the user's login password) and record this password::>

vserver services ndmp generate-password -vserver {CLUSTER NAME} -user {BACKUP ADMIN}

7) Point your backup application at the/a Cluster Management LIF, with the specified backup user, and create backup jobs/policies, and test as required.