Highlights from the ONTAP 9.1 RC1 Release Notes


Back in June there was Highlights from the ONTAP 9.0 RC1 Release Notes. This is supplemental to that post with the changes in ONTAP 9.1 (and is my way of trying to keep up with all the awesome developments to ONTAP.)

Changes in ONTAP 9.1: New and changed features

Data protection enhancements

- Support for volume encryption

- Support for SnapLock technology

- Support for RAID-TEC as the default RAID type

Manageability enhancements

- Enhanced cluster dashboard

- Support for cluster setup
-- “… can use System Manager to set up a new cluster … ”

- Support for most active files or clients functionality
-- “… can track and report the most active instances of a file or client in a cluster using statistical sampling techniques.”

MetroCluster configuration enhancements

- Support for onboard FC-VI ports on AFF A300 and FAS8200 storage systems

New hardware support

- Support for new FAS and AFF platforms
-- “… FAS2600, FAS8200, FAS9000, AFF A300, AFF A700 …”

- Support for increasing the maximum SAN cluster size to 12 nodes

- Support for DS224C and DS212C disk shelves
Note: ONTAP 9 only supported these with AFF8080, ONTAP 9.1 expands this.

- Support for the X1134A adapter
-- “The X1134A is a 2-port 32 Gb FC target-only adapter”

Storage resource management enhancements

- Support for FlexGroup volumes

SAN enhancements

- Support for Foreign LUN Import (FLI) Interoperability Matrix (IMT)

- Support for Using Foreign LUN Import to import LUNS into AFF

- Support for simplified SAN AFF provisioning templates
-- ONTAP 9.1 added the following template: SAN SAP HANA

Upgrade enhancements

- Support for installing ONTAP software and firmware from an external USB mass storage device
-- “The USB device is specified as file://usb0/filename