ARL Headswap: Part 2/4 - Retiring Node A

Performing a non-disruptive ARL (Aggregate Relocate) Headswap for NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP - Step-by-Step Walkthrough Series:

Caveat Lector: Unofficial information!

4) Use ARL to Relocate Aggregates from NODE-A to NODE-B

4.1) Perform Aggregate Relocation
Relocate all the data aggregates from NODE-A to NODE-B::>

set adv
aggr show -owner-name NODE-A
aggr relocation start -node NODE-A -destination NODE-B -aggregate-list * -ndo-controller-upgrade true
storage aggregate relocation show -node NODE-A

Note: You may need to use -override-vetoes-true to migrate individual aggregates::>

aggr relocation start -node NODE-A -destination NODE-B -aggregate-list AGGR_NAME -ndo-controller-upgrade true -override-vetoes true

Proceed once all data aggregates owned by NODE-A have been successfully relocated.

4.2) Verify Aggregates are Online and Check for Offline Volumes::>

storage aggregate show -nodes NODE-B -root false
volume show -node NODE-B -state offline

4.3) Verify “Node owns partner aggregates as part of the non-disruptive head upgrade procedure”::>

storage failover show -node NODE-B

4.4) Verify that NODE-A does not own any non-root aggregates that are online::>

storage aggregate show -owner-name NODE-A -ha-policy sfo -state online

5) Record NODE-A info

5.1) Networking Data Collection::>

network interface show -curr-node NODE-A
network port show -node NODE-A
network fcp adapter show -node NODE-A
ifgrp show -node NODE-A

5.2) Record/Verify SYSID (used later)::>

system node show -instance -node NODE-A

6) Migrate Data LIFs off NODE-A

6.1) Migrate data LIFs off NODE-A
Typical commands::>

net int show -curr-node NODE-A
net int modify -vserver VSERVER -lif LIF_NAME -home-port PORT -home-node NODENAME
net int revert -vserver VSERVER -lif LIF_NAME

6.2) Down SAN LIFs
Typical commands::>

net int show -curr-node NODE-A
net int modify -vserver VSERVER -lif LIF_NAME -status-admin down

7) Handle NODE-A’s Other LIFs and Networking

7.1) Cluster LIFs (Node Local)
It is important that at least one cluster port maps from the old platform to the new platform. Cluster LIFs would be temporarily homed on this port.

7.2) Cluster-Mgmt LIF (Cluster Wide)
If Cluster-Mgmt LIF(s) are on NODE-A then rehome to another node.

7.3) Node-Mgmt LIF (Node Local)
Ideally rehome to a port in-common to the old and new platform.

7.4) Intercluster LIF (Node Local)
Ideally rehome to a port in-common to the old and new platform.

7.5) Broadcast-Domains, Failover-Groups, VLANs, IFGRPs
Handle as required.

8) Disable SFO

8.1) Verify cluster status::>

cluster show

8.2) (2-Node Cluster) Disable Cluster HA::>
+ make sure epsilon is on node B (which is staying up)
+ verify switchless-cluster setting

cluster ha modify -configured false
set -c off; set adv; cluster show
cluster modify -node NODE-A -epsilon false
cluster modify -node NODE-B -epsilon true
network options switchless-cluster show

8.3) Disable storage failover::>

storage failover show
storage failover modify -node NODE-A -enabled false
storage failover show

9) Retire NODE-A

9.1) Verify no Data LIFs on NODE-A::>

net int show -role data -curr-node NODE-A

9.2) Halt NODE-A::>

system node halt -node NODE-A

9.3) Decommission NODE-A
- Wait for NODE-A to display the LOADER> prompt.
- (Dual-Chassis Configuration Only!) Power off
- Uncable NODE-A
- (Shared Chassis Configuration) Remove NODE-A from the chassis
- (Dual-Chassis Configuration) Remove NODE-A from the cabinet

9.4) (As required) Remove cards from NODE-A and install into NODE-C


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