Happy New Year 2017!

aka ‘The End of Year 2016 Post’

Caveat Lector: This is not an IT post. Please stop reading now if you’re looking for technical IT content!

Another year comes to a close, again we find ourselves in the festive season, and time to reflect on the year - soon to be - gone past; and what went well, what could have gone better, what we would like to do more of, what we would like to do less off, and goals. I’m no fan of making a list of New Year’s resolutions - since they seem perpetually doomed to failure - so here’s another idea, the ‘2017 Picture Wall of Aspiration’!

The idea of the ‘Yearly Picture Wall of Aspiration’ is:

- Top section: pictures of things (i.e. experiences) you would like to achieve/do
- Mid section (beneath a green line): pictures of things you simply want to do more of/do better at
- Bottom section (beneath a red line): pictures of things you want to do less of

And below is my 2017 picture wall.

Image: ‘2017 Picture Wall of Aspiration’

And some explanation (I’m great believer that if you say you’re going to do something publicly, then you’re much more likely to do it than not!)

Top Section

-  Kilimanjaro. I’ve often said I’d like to do the Kilimanjaro Trek, so the goal for 2017 is to make this more than just wild talk.
- Great Lakeland Ridge Walks. I haven’t been to the Lake District in ages, it’s a beautiful part of England and great preparation for Kili ;-)

Mid Section

- Be as good as you can be at what you do. Always a good goal. For me this means working hard, going the extra mile, keeping skills current (labs, videos, reading, training, …), and challenging oneself. It always helps if you treat your work like a passion!
- 5km in sub 20 minutes. An ambitious goal. I did 7 Park Runs earlier in the year (May to August), and my time went down from 25:16 to 22:38, then injury hit (Achilles). I feel a sub 20 is in me with hard work and dedication. I think I know why I got injured now, so, to achieve this goal requires regular daily morning and night time stretching exercises, regular Insanity work outs (4 days a week would be great), and a weekly 5km run practising good technique!
- More Blogger. I like sharing information and experiences, and Blogger is a great medium, so stay tuned for more (hopefully good) technical IT content in the New Year.
- More Kindle (more reading). I like a good sci-fi novel. I realise that I read very little though. Need to find time to do more reading (by doing less of the below.)

Bottom Section

- Less YouTube. Less watching videos on YouTube - I watch far too much crap!
- Less Dreaming about cars. You can only drive one car at a time! And I only want to afford one car so it needs some practicality (4 doors), and - quite definitely - I’m no Nigel Mansell ;-). The Lotus Evora fantasy simply isn’t going to happen … hmmm …. an Audi S1 might be nice though!
- Less Civilization III. I don’t know why I love this 2001 computer game so much. It’s a total time sink. In moderation (like with all things) is okay.

And with that, I’m signing off from Cosonok’s IT Blog for 2016.

Happy New Year 2017!

Image: Happy New Year 2017!

Very finally, some blog stats.
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  1. Hello Vidad,

    I would like to wish all the best for the next year, and also to say thanks to your hard work which i always appreciate.
    On the bottom section i would recommend a classic car with carisma and lots of memories. With the time...its always be better (like Port Wine...)
    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks Pedro. Happy New Year!
      Best regards, VC


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