SnapMirror Compatibility Matrix for (Clustered) ONTAP 8.0 to 9.1

If you’ve been around NetApp DataONTAP for a bit, you might remember the old 7-Mode Volume SnapMirror Interoperability Matrix. There was a specific document, and the information (table - which is in an Appendix below) could also be found in the 7-Mode documentation. This table does not exist for ONTAP (not that I’ve seen, if anyone has seen an official one, please let me know) - there might be a good reason why.

Anyway, someone was asking me about this, so I thought I’d knock up an unofficial one myself. Since I’m lazy, I’ve not bothered with 32-bit and 64-bit aggregate considerations, 64-bit aggregates are assumed (and the only possibility starting from 8.3).

Volume SnapMirror / DP SnapMirror (BRE) Compatibility Matrix

Table: Volume SnapMirror / DP SnapMirror (BRE) Compatibility Matrix
(i) Volume SnapMirror/DP SnapMirror uses the Block Replication Engine (BRE)
(ii) 8.0 to 8.1 SnapMirror (with cDOT) is not possible due to a change in the Block Replication Engine.
(iii) Excepting 8.0, the simple rule with BRE and ONTAP is that the destination must be the same major version as the source, or higher.
(iv) Proof of 8.1 to 9.1 Volume SnapMirror is in an Appendix below.

SnapVault / XDP SnapMirror (LRE/LRSE) Compatibility Matrix

Table: SnapVault / XDP SnapMirror (LRE/LRSE) Compatibility Matrix
(i) SnapVault/XDP SnapMirror uses the Logical Replication Engine (LRE) or the Logical Replication Engine with Storage Efficiency (LRSE) (if you’re doing something different with volume efficiency on the destination.)
(ii) XDP SnapMirror only exists from ONTAP 8.2+.
(iii) SnapMirror Unified Replication/Version Flexible Snapmirror; this came in at ONTAP 8.3, and requires XDP type SnapMirrors.
(iv) Proof of 9.1 to 8.2 SnapVault is in an Appendix below.
(v) You might be thinking “looks like Version Flexible SnapMirror came in at 8.2”, but this is not true since you only had “vault” type XDP SnapMirrors in 8.2, whereas 8.3.2 - for instance - has “vault”, “async-mirror”, and “mirror-vault” type XDP SnapMirrors.

Appendix: 7-Mode Volume SnapMirror Interoperability Matrix

Table: 7-Mode Volume SnapMirror Interoperability Matrix
Appendix: Testing (proving) DP snapmirror from 8.1 (cDOT) to 9.1 (ONTAP)
Note: Actual tested versions are 8.1.4 and 9.1.

C814::> net int create -vserver C814-01 -lif icl -role intercluster -home-node C814-01 -home-port e0d -address -netmask
C910::> net int create -vserver C910 -lif icl -role intercluster -home-node C910-01 -home-port e0d -address -netmask

C814::> vserver create -vserver SVM814 -aggregate aggr1 -rootvolume rootvol -rootvolume-security-style unix -language C.UTF-8 -ns-switch file
C910::> vserver create -vserver SVM910 -aggregate aggr1 -rootvolume rootvol -rootvolume-security-style unix

C814::> cluster peer create -peer-addrs
C910::> cluster peer policy modify -is-unauthenticated-access-permitted true
C910::> cluster peer create -peer-addrs -no-authentication true

C814::> cluster peer show
Peer Cluster Name Cluster Serial Number Availability
----------------- --------------------- ------------
C910              1-80-000011           Available

C910::> cluster peer show
Peer Cluster Name Cluster Serial Number Availability Authentication
----------------- --------------------- ------------ --------------
C814              1-80-000008           Available    absent

C814::> vol create -vserver SVM814 -volume VOL001 -aggr aggr1 -size 10g -space-guarantee none
C910::> vol create -vserver SVM910 -volume VOL001_DR -aggregate aggr1 -size 10g -space-guarantee none -type DP

C910::> snapmirror create -source-path C814://SVM814/VOL001 -destination-path SVM910:VOL001_DR
C910::> snapmirror initialize -destination-path SVM910:VOL001_DR
C910::> snapmirror show

Source      Destination Mirror  Relationship
Path   Type Path        State   Status       Healthy
------ ---- ----------- ------- ------------ -------
       DP   C910://SVM910/VOL001_DR
                                Idle         true

Appendix: Testing (proving) XDP snapmirror from 9.1 (ONTAP) to 8.2 (cDOT)
Note: Actual tested versions are 9.1 and 8.2.3.

C823::> net int create -vserver C823-01 -lif icl -role intercluster -home-node C823-01 -home-port e0d -address -netmask
C823::> vserver create -vserver SVM823 -aggregate aggr1 -rootvolume rootvol -rootvolume-security-style unix -ns-switch file

C823::> cluster peer create -peer-addrs
C910::> cluster peer create -peer-addrs -no-authentication true

C823::> vserver peer create -vserver SVM823 -peer-vserver SVM910 -peer-cluster C910 -applications snapmirror
C910::> vserver peer accept -vserver SVM910 -peer-vserver SVM823

C910::> vol create -vserver SVM910 -volume VOL002 -aggregate aggr1 -size 10g -space-guarantee none
C823::> vol create -vserver SVM823 -volume VOL002_SV -aggregate aggr1 -size 10g -space-guarantee none -type DP

C823::> snapmirror create -source-path SVM910:VOL002 -destination-path SVM823:VOL002_SV -type XDP
C823::> snapmirror initialize -destination-path SVM823:VOL002_SV
C823::> snapmirror show

Source      Destination Mirror Relationship
Path   Type Path        State  Status       Healthy
------ ---- ----------- ------ ------------ -------
       XDP  SVM823:VOL002_SV
                               Idle           true


  1. Very, very useful! We have been trying to find an "official" table with this info (sm and cdot) as in the past with 7m, but as you mention, it doesn't exist anymore. So, thanks!

  2. I have discovered that - officially - NetApp Engineering do not support SnapMirror from 8.2 -> 9.1 - basically, this means that it's not been QA'd. So SnapMirror from 8.1 -> 9.1 say, whilst it works, is not officially supported (could try the FPVR process if absolutely essential to get support) and you'd be using it at your own risk.

  3. very nice. We are in a situation where we are running 8.2.4 7-mode and need to get a new unit for a transition and I want to snap mirror one-way from 8.2.4 to 9.x for a period of time before breaking the link permanently but it appears that's not an option?

    1. Hi Lanorix. The rules are different for 7 to C transitions. You'll be fine with 8.2.4 7-mode to 9.0/9.1 Clustered ONTAP. Check out the IMT and you'll see NetApp supports 7 to C transitions all the way from 7.3.3 7-Mode to 9.1 C-Mode with 7MTT 3.2 (7MTT 3.3 will bring support for ONTAP 9.2). Cheers, VC

  4. Hi, snapmirror relationship compatibility, does it mean that you can recover and use data on the destination ? Example : an isci lun on a 9.0 cluster can be replicated to a 9.2 cluster, but could we use the lun replica on the 9.2 cluster ?

    1. Absolutely. A LUN is just a file to NetApp, and you can definately recover files on a 9.2 destination. I've not had to try restoring a 9.0 LUN on a 9.2 system but I'd be stunned if it didn't work.

  5. Found this recently, don't know if it's new:


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