Installation Walkthrough: OCI 7.3 and the Data Warehouse - Part 1 of 3

In the following posts we install NetApp OnCommand Insight (OCI) 7.3 and the Data Warehouse on two separate Windows Servers. The main purpose is to document the installation prompts and required inputs.

Note: I am using 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 servers here. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 does not go end of extended support with Microsoft until 14th January 2020 (see here). If my lab had 2012 R2 I would have used this, but - for purposes of illustrating the install - it doesn’t matter.

Part 1: Getting the Softwares

1) Check your Configuration in the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool

OnCommand Insight 7.3.0 supported with
... Host OS includes = Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 EE SP1
... Browsers = Google Chrome 46 to 55, IE 10 and IE 11, Firefox 40 to 51

2) Check resource requirements from the OCI 7.3 Documentation

2.1) Insight Server requirements (page 11)

Memory and CPU: “For environments with up to 100 storage arrays, 5000 Fibre Channel switch ports, and 5000 virtual machines, use an 8 core 32 GB memory server. This is a general guideline...” Note: Less is acceptable for a lab setup (I went with 4 core and 16GB RAM.)

Available disk space: “500gb recommended for typical environment (100gb on OCI install drive)...”

2.2) Data Warehouse and Reporting server requirements (page 13)

CPU: 8 CPU core”
Memory:40 GB RAM...”
Available disk space: 100 GB. Installation requires 20 GB free on the C: drive.”

Note: Less is acceptable for a lab setup (I went with 4 core and 16GB RAM.)

3) Download the Installers

There are 5 different installers. For this walkthrough we’re only interested in the highlighted two:

4) End of Part 1

All being well, we should have two suitable servers and the following softwares downloaded:


Image: OCI Server and DWH softwares downloaded