Tech Round Up 22nd June 2017

It’s been a long time since I did a Tech Round Up/Research Links & Info post (16th April 2015). There’s been an accumulation of tech stuff in my personal inbox recently, time to clear them down.

3 sections below:
- DevOps Stuff
- NetApp HCI
- NetApp Random Stuff

DevOps Stuff

1) Play with docker classroom

One of my colleagues sent me this awesome link:

2) DevOps Tools

Image: Periodic Table of DevOps Tools

The same colleague sent me this link to Periodic Table of DevOps Tools. Whilst it’s very cool and all clickable with excellent links, I’m not quite sure why it’s presented as a Periodic Table. If you’re boring like me and would like to see simple lists of the DevOps Tools, here they are:

SCM (Source Code Management):
Open Source: Git, Gitlab, Subversion, Mercurial
Freemium: Github, Bitbucket
Enterprise: ISPW

Database Mgmt:
Open Source: Liquibase
Enterprise: DBmaestro, Redgate, Datical, Delphix, Idera

Open Source: Maven, Grunt, MSBuild, Gradle, Gulp, Make, Rake, ANT, Broccoli, CMake
Free: SBT, Packer

Open Source: FitNesse, Mocha, Cucumber.js, Gatling, Jasmine
Free: Cucumber, Junit, Selenium, JMeter, Karma, Qunit, TestNG

Repo Mgmt:
Open Source: NPM, Artifactory, Nexus
Free: DockerHub

CI (Continuous Integration):
Open Source: Jenkins, Continuum, Travis CI, CruiseControl
Freemium: Codeship, TeamCity, Shippable, Continua CI, CircleCI
Paid: Bamboo, Visual Studio, Solano CI

Config / Provisioning:
Open Source: Ansible, Vagrant, Consul, Salt, Bcfg2, CFEngine
Free: Terraform
Enterprise: Chef, Puppet, BladeLogic

Open Source: Docker, RKT, Mesos, Kubernetes, Nomad
Free: Swarm

Cloud / IaaS / Paas:
Open Source: OpenStack
Freemium: Amazon Web Services, Heroku
Paid: Azure
Enterprise: Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, OpenShift

Release Mgmt:
Enterprise: XL Release, UrbanCode Release, BMC Release Process, CA Release Automation, Automic, Plutora Release, Serena Release

Freemium: Trello, HipChat, Slack, Flowdock
Paid: Team Foundation, Jira, Pivotal Tracker
Enterprise: ServiceNow

BI / Monitoring:
Open Source: Kibana, Nagios, Zabbix, Elasticsearch
Freemium: New Relic, AppDynamics
Enterprise: Dynatrace, Datadog

Open Source: Logstash
Freemium: Logentries, Sumo Logic
Enterprise: Splunk

Open Source: Snort, Tripwire
Enterprise: Fortify

NetApp HCI

NetApp released their NetApp HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) product on 5th June 2017. This looks like a great product and I hope to get my hands on some in the future. It is based on their SolidFire platform. A few links:

And especially check out the following videos:
NetApp HCI Demo (You can be up and running in about 30 minutes!)

Finally VMware Vvols start to make sense!

Image: Provide Granular Control at VM Level with NetApp HCI!

A bit more on NetApp HCI...

NetApp HCI allows you to start small (with just two chassis); and grow as needed, on-demand, and non-disruptively; to Enterprise Scale-Out levels.

Guaranteed Performance: Deliver All Your Applications with Confidence
Flexibility & Scale: Scale On Your Terms
Automated Infrastructure: Transform & Empower Your IT Operations

Image: NetApp HCI allows Enterprise levels of Scalability

NetApp Random Stuff

1) NetAppDocs-Lite for Customer Collection

It’s no secret that NetApp have an awesome tool for creating 7-Mode and ONTAP as-built documentation called NetAppDocs. The full tool is only available to NetApp partners and internal staff. Customers can download the NetAppDocs-Lite version to collect the XML for NetApp partners/internal staff to process into as built documentation. Check out this link:

2) One specific UNIX account is failing to access its NAS data on NetApp Clustered ONTAP 8.3.2 post 7 to C transition

We had a UNIX account that’s failing to access its data post 7 to C transition. Just one UNIX account was affected. Running::>*

diag secd authentication translate -node NODE -vserver VSERVER -uid UID

Results in “Unable to retrieve UNIX username for UID”. It turned out that the following 7-Mode option was disabled (it’s hidden by default):

options nfs.authsys.extended_groups_ns.enable

But the SVM had it configured. Disabling it fixed the problem::>

vserver nfs modify -vserver VSERVER -auth-sys-extended-groups disabled

3) CN1610 Cluster Switches Hung to Management (Telnet, SSH and Serial)

I’ve known the CN1610’s become unmanageable a few times; telnet, SSH, serial - none of those work. There is a way to break-in to the Linux shell and collect logs for troubleshooting (so don’t just reboot the switch and accept it as a quirk). Understandably this information is only available to NetApp partners and internal staff. This is the link:

4) End of Engineering Support for Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.x on 31st October 2017

A date to make a note of if your ONTAP systems are still on 8.3.x. Engineering Support ends on the 31st of October 2017 (I understand that the end of limited support is 30th April 2019.) This is a great excuse to get your systems upgraded. Check out this link:

What does end of ‘Engineering Support’ mean?

- Requests for bug fixes on the Data ONTAP 8.3.x release family will no longer be accepted. Fixes for issues that are found on AFF, FAS, and V-Series systems that run Data ONTAP 8.3.x will be delivered only in patch derivatives of ONTAP 9.x.
- Interoperability testing with Data ONTAP 8.3.x and updates to the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool will stop.
- Manufacturing and SAN qualification PVRs that are specific to the Data ONTAP 8.3.x release family will not be accepted.
- For systems that cannot be upgraded to ONTAP 9.x, specifically FAS3240 and V3240, for the remainder of the customer’s current support entitlement, NetApp will provide critical updates if NetApp determines that they are necessary and commercially reasonable.

5) NetApp is No.1 in current quarter with 32% quarterly revenue share in EMEA AFA (All Flash Array) market

Image: EMEA - Top 5 Vendors AFA Dashboard

6) NetApp Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup Resources

Link to help plan, prepare and execute an ONTAP to AltaVault Snapshot strategy, managed and catalogued using SnapCenter software:

7) AFF A700s Console Port

Important! Remember to set your "console port to 115'200 baud with N-8-1."