Studying for the ‘AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate’ Exam: Tip

There are a lot of companies selling courses for the ‘AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate’ Exam. I’d suggest picking one and that’s the latest ‘AWS CSA Associate’ course from There are free offerings to trial ‘Linux Academy’, the problem with these trials is that you can’t access the ‘Hands-on Labs’, so if you’re serious about getting the ‘AWS CSA Associate’ it’s worth getting a paid membership to ‘Linux Academy’ (there’s lots of courses, so paying also opens the labs for more courses in the future). You can and should get your own ‘AWS Account’ but - even trying to just use the Free Tier - you run the risk of accidentally running up a bill (everything in AWS has a cost), so with the ‘Hands-on Labs’ that’s all covered off for you, no need to worry.

Image: Hands-on Labs are locked for non-paying members to ‘Linux Academy’

If you’re new to AWS, Linux Academy’s ‘AWS Essentials’ course is a good place to start.
Then do the ‘AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate(New!)’ course.

Read the recommended whitepapers:

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Update: Exam Passed (31st October 2017)!

I did pass the 'AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate' exam on the 31st of October. This was at my first attempt (I didn't feel ready, but sometimes you know that if you wait until you're ready, you'll never be ready, and - apart from the cost - it doesn't hurt and you can learn loads if you just give it a crack.) The exam is scored in 4 sections:

1) Designing highly available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable systems
2) Implementation/Deployment
3) Data Security
4) Troubleshooting