Monthly Tech Roundup (25th October 2017)

Stuff collected in the last month or so - mostly links (things to read/watch), and some random notes.
With headings:
- Cisco
- Docker
- Microsoft
- NetApp
- NetApp Demo Series
- NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast
- NetApp The Pub
- NetApp TRs
- Perl
- Veeam
- VMware
- Zip Bomb



The BIG announcement was Kubernetes natively available in Docker
- 100% feature parity between K8s & Swarm
- “Vanilla” CNCF, no wrapping

Image: Docker: Now Powered by Swarm and Kubernetes

Some things from Microsoft Ignite:

See the note: “ReFS is not supported on SAN-attached storage.


NetApp’s HyperConverged Infrastructure offering launches globally on the 27th of October!

From “The Word from Gostev” (Veeam Community Forums Digest):
For NetApp users – I was struck by some numbers NetApp is promising for the upcoming ONTAP 9.3 release. Basically, NetApp promises 40% performance improvement over prior ONTAP versions by using path parallelization to deliver more IOPS with lower latency.

NetApp Insight in Las Vegas:

NetApp Demo Series - Available Recordings

NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast

New since last month’s roundup:

NetApp The Pub

New since last month’s roundup:

NetApp TRs

New since last month’s roundup (at least new in that I couldn't download them last month with my tool):




Zip bomb