Sunday, 22 October 2017

PowerShell Versus Perl Performance Test in WFA 4.1

In this very basic test, I show how much slower running PowerShell commands in WFA is versus running the equivalent Perl command, and then demonstrate PowerShell speed without WFA.

The lab has a Windows 2008R2 Enterprise Server, with OnCommand Workflow Automation 4.1 installed. We create a very simple workflow using the NetApp provided ‘Create CIFS Share’ command (which is provided with PowerShell and Perl code). The workflow has ‘Row Repetition’ set to 10. The lab has an ONTAP 9.1 simulator. We run the workflow once using the PowerShell command, then flip the ‘Preferred order for language selection’, and run the workflow again using the Perl command. Then we create 10 CIFS shares outside WFA using the DataONTAP PowerShell toolkit.

The results are interesting...


Creating 10 CIFS shares on a volume - timings:

WFA and PowerShell = 7 minutes 7 seconds*
WFA and Perl = 0 minutes 26 seconds*
Plain PowerShell = 0 minutes 13 seconds**

*From Executing to Successful
**Import-Module DataONTAP and Connect-NcController have already been done

Note: The WFA and PowerShell results were with Certificate Revocation having been disabled as per 1.6 in this post.


Image: WFA and PowerShell create 10 CIFS shares speed test

Image: WFA and Perl create 10 CIFS shares speed test

Image: How to flip WFA preference to Perl

And just plain using PowerShell (without WFA)

PS> date;for($i=1;$i -lt 11;$i++){ $Share = ("T" + $i); $Share; [Void](Add-NcCifsShare -Name $Share -VserverContext SVM910 -Path /VOL002) };date

22 October 2017 20:02:03
22 October 2017 20:02:16

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