Tech Roundup (27th December 2017)

Stuff collected in the last couple of months or so - mostly links (things to read/watch) and some random notes.
With headings: AWS, Fujitsu, IBM, Linux, Microsoft, Miscellany, NetApp (+Demo Series, Tech ONTAP Podcast, The Pub, TRs), Nutanix, oVirt, Proxmox, Veeam, VMware


“... what a departure for the biggest Xen shop in the world.”
‘there's no "vCenter for KVM" available today’



“The ultimate air-gapped backup storage just got better – IBM has announced LTO-8 with double capacity of the previous LTO generation (12TB native capacity per cartridge), and performance of up to 360MB/s.”

“IBM research recently demonstrated the ability to record data at an areal density of 201 gigabits per square inch on magnetic tape. That translates to the equivalent of 330TB of data stored in a tape cartridge about the same size as the palm of your hand.





NetApp Cloud Data Services Portal:

- Available in the ToolChest: The NetApp Import Utility for SnapCenter and VSC is a standalone utility that helps customers using VSC 6.x import metadata to SnapCenter 3.0.1 and to VSC Appliance 7.0 and higher versions.

“NetApp Nation is a tool that helps you become socially engaged.”

Image: NTAP over 5 years

Non-Disruptive SVM-DR Vserver Cutovers in ONTAP 9.3:
This is tech preview only (no release date yet). You can see the commands as below. It does need to be enabled (don’t ask me, I’ve yet to discover this):

::> set advanced
::*> vserver migrate ?
 cleanup         *Remove migrating entity
 cutover         *Perform Cutover of the migrate operation
 pause           *Pause a Vserver migrate operation
 repeer          *Repeer Existing Vserver Peer Relationships after Vserver Migration
 resume          *Resume a migrate operation
 show            *Display status of migrating Vservers
 show-progress   *Display status of volumes in a migrating Vservers
 show-volume     *Display status of volumes in a migrating Vservers
 start           *Start the Vserver migrate operation

Measuring performance between nodes:
ttcp and xttcp are removed from ONTAP 9.3 and were replaced by iperf3 (works in the systemshell). Clustershell alternative that should work with any SVM from ONTAP 9.3 is below.

::> set advanced
::*> network test-link ?
 run-test       *Test link bandwidth
 show           *Display test results
 start-server   *Start server for bandwidth test
 stop-server    *Stop server for bandwidth test
::*> network ?
 test-path      *Test path performance between two nodes

NetApp Demo Series - New Recordings

NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast

New since the last roundup:

NetApp The Pub

New since the last roundup:

NetApp TRs

New since the last roundup:


“Nutanix Acropolis hyperconverged infrastructure includes a license-free hypervisor, AHV...”


“oVirt is a complete virtualization management platform, licensed and developed as open source software. oVirt builds on the powerful kernel based virtual machine (KVM hypervisor) and on the RHEV-M management server, released by Red Hat to the open source community.”


Open-Source Virtualization Platform
Compute, network and storage in a single solution



Note: The vSphere Client is no longer available starting with vSphere 6.5.

“... avoid doing things like creating vmkernel ports during the production hours.”