SolidFire Resources

The links below come mostly from the NetApp SolidFire Resources page (which is here and requires you to be first logged into, but only one of the links below actually requires login.) I’ve added a few more links and formatted it my way. If you’re wondering why I’d post this page (it does seem a tad like duplication), it’s because, when I start learning something new to me, I like to be aware of lots (all) of the collateral, so I can pick and choose what I want to start reading/watching first (usually via an iPad from the comfort of my favourite armchair) and then consume as much knowledge as I need.

Image: NetApp love SolidFire


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Videos from YouTube:

Installing and Deploying NetApp SolidFire

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Integrating NetApp SolidFire into your Environment
+ all the SolidFire TRs

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