The End of Cosonok’s IT Blog as We Know It?

It’s a bit of a clickbait title.

I’m going to enable HTTPS on the blog, and if it doesn’t break anything I’ll update some of the links to HTTPS. And then - in not too distant future - enable HTTPS redirect.

There are various advantages for moving your blog to HTTPS, and this is covered in numerous other blogs such as:

Why the change now?

For a time now - can’t remember how long - I keep getting this alarm when I log into my blogger: ‘HTTPS for custom domains is now available on your blog’.

Image: Blogger: HTTPS for custom domains is now available on your blog

I have 4 blogs including this one. This is my main blog. The other blogs aren’t custom domains just, and all have HTTPS enabled, and it works fine.

When the HTTPS enablement?

I could enable HTTPS at any time and I can’t see it being a problem, but I’m going to leave it to Saturday 28th April or thereabouts. So, if the blog breaks around that time, that might be why...

Image: Blogger: HTTPS Availability

What about HTTPS Redirect?

I’m in no rush to enable HTTPS redirect. I can think of at least one PowerShell tool I wrote that will need an update and testing to use the HTTPS link if I force everything down HTTPS. Perhaps a job for Christmastime...

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