MetroCluster IP Installation: Cabling the IP Switches: AFF A800 Systems

The following Visio diagrams are constructed from the MetroCluster IP Installation and Configuration Guide and the section:

Configuring the MetroCluster hardware components
> Installing and cabling MetroCluster components
> Cabling the IP switches

I’ve used the Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V switch in the diagrams.
I’m only showing cabling for the two switches in site A (SW_A_1 and SW_A_2).
These diagrams show cabling to AFF A800 systems.

Note from the manual regards MetroCluster ISLs:

Cable the switch ISL connections.
- One, two or three 40-Gbps ISLs are supported or up to six 10-Gbps MetroCluster ISLs.
- If using the Cisco 3232C switch in breakout mode, ports 21 - 24 are used as MetroCluster ISLs. In this case these 40-Gbps ports are split into four 10-Gbps ports. You must be using the correct RCF files to support the breakout configuration.
- The switch cannot be configured with both 40-Gbps and 10-Gbps ports.

Image: Legend

Image: Switch Site A Number 1 (SW_A_1) cabling to AFF A800

Image: Switch Site A Number 2 (SW_A_2) cabling to AFF A800