End of Year 2018 Post (Happy New Year 2019!)

It’s been a bit of a quiet year on Cosonok’s blog. Including this post, I’ll have done 56 posts this year, which is a record minimum number of posts in a full year for Cosonok (61 posts in 2011 being the previous record minimum.) Still been busy though, with other blogs and a tiny bit of YouTube too.

Stats-wise, Cosonok’s blog appears to be in decline. Which is perhaps not surprising since prior to 2013 this was very much an IT generalists blog, but since 2013 it’s been predominantly NetApp, so more specialized and perhaps less reach. The stats, whilst fun, have never been the goal, it’s always about sharing hopefully useful stuff, an aid for my memory, and I’m always amazed and grateful that people read posts from this blog - and leave comments.

Image: Cosonok’s IT Blog Stats

All of the most viewed posts are from 2010/11/12 – which is not unsurprising – but what might be surprising is that the most viewed posts from the last month (November 16 to December 16, 2018) have 6 out of 10 posts from 2010/11/12.

Image: Top 10 Posts by Pageviews (All time)

Image: Top 10 Posts by Pageviews (last month)

I’m actually working over Christmas (except for the usual holidays and 24th) but this will be 2018’s final post. So all that’s left to say is:

Merry Christmas!

- and -

Happy New Year 2019!


  1. Dear Vidad,
    I hope that you continue posting NetApp related things, because I passionate by ontap and related things. We are being under pressured to be more generalist, than specialist... So it is not a surprise to see other technologies in your blog.
    I wish you a merry Christmas with some gifts to your Elise!
    Kind regards

    1. Many thanks Pedro. Hope you have a fantastic 2019!

  2. Many thanks. I liked your blog a lot. Wish you a very happH New year.


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