Tech Roundup - 16th December 2018

Stuff collated since Tech Roundup - 6th November 2018. With headings:
FlexPod, NetApp, NetApp ThePub, NetApp TRs, Tech ONTAP Podcast, WFA Guy, DerSchmitz


FlexPod for 3D Graphics Visualization with VMware and NVIDIA

This paper builds upon the:
FlexPod Datacenter with VMware Horizon View 7.3 and VMware vSphere 6.5 Update 1 with Cisco UCS Manager 3.2 for 5000 Seats

New NVAs

NetApp Verified Architecture
FlexPod Express with VMware vSphere 6.7 and NetApp AFF A220
NVA Deployment

NetApp Verified Architecture
FlexPod Express with Cisco UCS C-Series and AFF A220 Series
NVA Design


NetApp blows filer benchmark to smithereens – Blocks and Files

Image: SPEC SFS2014-SW Builds

NetApp Named a Leader in 2018 MQ for General-Purpose Disk Arrays

NetApp: Blog: Solving File Services Challenges with Native Cloud File Services – Part 1 (Compatibility & Continuity)

NetApp: Blog: An Introduction to Kubernetes

NetApp: HCI Means Hybrid Cloud, Not Hyperconverged

Improve Data Analytics with AWS and NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Tool Announcement! 2018-2019 NetApp Product Poster:
The 2018-2019 NetApp Product Poster is now available for order from the NetApp Gear Store

2 New Hybrid Cloud Exams - Tips!

Read the CVO documentation as there are questions which require deployment experience i.e. disk type supported with tiering in CVO.

In both of these exams there is lot more emphasis on CVO, CVS and even working out Opex/Capex cost when deciding between on-premise and hybrid-cloud solutions.  There is a test exam on the support site if you would like to test your knowledge before you prepare for these exams.

If you are AWS or Azure certified:
This one has stuff from CVO, CSV, Kubernetes service, S3, Costing models etc.

NetApp The Pub

New since the previous Tech Roundup!

Can you keep a secret?

Just the facts ma’am

Understanding volume migration on OpenStack

Understanding volume migration on OpenStack: Intracluster volume migration

Understanding volume migration on OpenStack: Intercluster volume migration

NetApp TRs

New since the previous Tech Roundup!

Tech ONTAP Podcast (+ WITIB)

New since the previous Tech Roundup!

New ONTAP Release = Updated Technical reports!

ONTAP 9.5RC1 is available!

Episode 169: Quarterly Security Update - Winter 2018

Episode 168: NetApp Insight 2018 - Barcelona Recap

Episode 167: VMware Private Cloud on NetApp HCI

Episode 166: SnapMirror Synchronous

Episode 165: Accelerate your NAS Data with FlexCache

BONUS CONTENT: ONTAP 9.5 Feature Overview

Episode 164 - NetApp Data Availability Services


New since the previous Tech Roundup!

Wfa workflows & Powershell script for SVM Dr

Wfa Setup Workflow Generator

Workflow encrypt all volumes


How to create a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance in AWS

“Madness?” THIS IS NetApp MAX Data!!!