Tech Roundup – 23 June 2019

Stuff collated/new since Tech Roundup – 9th May 2019 with headings:
FlexPod, Industry News, Microsoft, NetApp, NetApp StorageGRID and SSL Certificates, NetApp TRs, Security, Veeam (skipping and TechONTAP Podcast this month)


FlexPod Datacenter CVD with ONTAP 9.5 and vSphere 6.7U1

FlexPod Datacenter for AI/ML with Cisco UCS C480 ML for Deep Learning Design Guide

Industry News

How @DigitalOcean just killed our company @raisupcom. A long thread for a very sad story.

Red Hat storage shifts focus to OpenShift, hybrid cloud, HCI


What’s NEW in Windows Server 2019


NetApp Revolutionizes Data Fabric to Dominate Hybrid Multicloud

Bringing Data Fabric to Life with Support for Hybrid Multicloud and DevOps

Simplify Data Management Across Public or Private Clouds with NetApp Cloud Volumes

Creating Simple & Powerful Hybrid Clouds

Work Less, Do More with NetApp Fabric Orchestrator

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud – bringing high-performance file storage as a service to you

Automatically Tier Your Data to Amazon S3 Glacier with NetApp StorageGRID

Build a Data-Driven Culture

NetApp Democratizes Cloud Storage With New All-Flash Solution

NVIDIA and NetApp Partner to Create a Data-Driven AI Future for Customers

Azure NAS: Why and How to Use NAS Storage in Azure

Azure Backup: 5 Things to Think About Before You Backup on Azure

Enterprise Apps in Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Tiering: Lift and DON’T shift!

How Cloud Tiering works

New NetApp platform for ONTAP 9.6 (Part 3) AFF C190

IT Operational Support with a SaaS-First Cloud Strategy

Application Lifecycle Management for Kubernetes

How to Use NetApp Cloud Manager with Trident for Provisioning Persistent Volumes in Kubernetes Deployments

Move to Google Cloud 10X Faster

TDP SnapMirror deprecated in ONTAP 9.6

Introducing NetApp SANtricity Cloud Connector 4.0!
SANtricity Cloud Connector is a host-based Linux application that performs full-block and file-based backups and restores of E-Series volumes with your existing Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) or NetApp StorageGRID account.

Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry

NetApp IT Perspective: StorageGRID F5 Load Balancer Design Considerations

Azure NetApp Files is now generally available

ONTAP AI – NVIDIA DGX-2 POD with NetApp AFF A800: NVA Design

MAX Data Software Evaluation

The Evolution of VDI

Announcing NetApp Private Cloud for HCI with Red Hat and OpenShift

Image: NetApp HCI for Private Cloud with Red Hat

Kick-Starting Hybrid Multi-Cloud Management with NetApp Cloud Insights

Image: Cloud Insights Dashboard

Why Is Private Cloud a Key Strategy for NetApp Partners?

Your 5 Biggest FlexPod Questions Answered

ONTAP 9.6 MetroCluster Docs:
MetroCluster IP Installation and Configuration Guide
Fabric-attached MetroCluster® Installation and Configuration Guide
Release notes for ONTAP 9.6
ONTAP 9.6rc1 product / download page

NetApp StorageGRID and SSL Certificates

StorageGRID Load Balancer Options:
*Especially check out the SSL Termination section.

SSL Certificate Configuration for StorageGRID:

Configuring certificates:

Configuring StorageGRID certificates for ONTAP clients using FabricPool:

OpenSSL examples:

NetApp TRs

TR-4785: AI Deployment with NetApp E-Series and BeeGFS

TR-4784: FlexPod for Epic Performance Testing

TR-4782: BeeGFS with NetApp E-Series: Reference Architecture

TR-4780: Oracle on Azure Deployment Best Practice Guide: Using Azure NetApp Files

TR-4779: Building Storage as a Service with ServiceNow and NetApp Service Level Manager

TR-4778: NetApp HCI and Splunk Enterprise Solution with Arrow

TR-4777: Veeam Cloud Tier with StorageGRID Object Storage

Critical Microsoft NTLM vulnerabilities allow remote code execution on any Windows machine

There is no released Docker version with a fix for this issue at the time of writing...

Windows 10 zero-day exploit code released online

CVE-2019-0708 | Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Side Channel Vulnerability Microarchitectural Data Sampling


VeeamON 2019

Integrated RMAN Backup

7 expert tips for multi-Cloud Data Management

Why we chose WireGuard® for Veeam PN v2

Quiesced snapshots failing after latest Windows 2016 Update