ATTO Bridge Configuration Notes - ONTAP 9.5+

It’s a couple of years since the post - ATTO Bridge Configuration Notes (for MetroCluster) - and now time for an update!

Most of the information here comes from the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center and these articles:

[1] In-band management of the FC-to-SAS bridges
[2] Installing FC-to-SAS bridges and SAS disk shelves > Preparing for the installation
[3] Enabling IP port access on the FibreBridge 7600N bridge if necessary
[4] Configuring the FC-to-SAS bridges
[5] Updating firmware on FibreBridge 7600N or 7500N bridges on configurations running ONTAP 9.4 and later


[1] “Beginning with ONTAP 9.5 with FibreBridge 7500N or 7600N bridges, in-band management of the bridges is supported as an alternative to IP management of the bridges.
“Physical access to the bridge via the bridge Ethernet ports is not required
“Using in-band management with IP access disabled is recommended to improve security...”

Q: Does the ATTO 7600N have a WebUI?
A: Yes it does, but you have to enable it via a serial connection to the ATTO 7600N using [3] -
set closeport none
Note 1: Of course, enabling the WebUI is not the recommended configuration (see above).
Note 2: You should disable the services you don’t require using -
set closeport service
- where service is expressnav/ftp/icmp/quicknav/snmp/telnet. And check using:
get closeport

Q: How to configure the FC-to-SAS bridges using in-band management [4]?
A: See below:

(0) For completeness, these first 5 commands are only required if you want to configure IP access:
set ipaddress mp1 ip-address
set ipsubnetmask mp1 subnet-mask
set ipgateway mp1 x.x.x.x
set ipdhcp mp1 disabled
set ethernetspeed mp1 1000

(1) Configure the bridgename:
set bridgename bridgename

(2) Running ONTAP 9.4 or earlier, enable SNMP on the bridge:
set SNMP enabled

(3) Configure the data rate/speed of the bridge FC ports:
set FCDataRate port-number port-speed

(4) For FibreBridge 7500N or 6500N (not 7600N), set connection mode to PTP:
set FCConnMode port-number ptp

(5) Configuring a 7600N or 7500N and not using the FC2 port, disable it:
FCPortDisable 2

(6) Configuring a 7600N or 7500N, disable unused SAS ports, for example:
SASPortDisable c
SASPortDisable d

(7) Save the bridge configuration:

(8) ONTAP 9.5 or later and configuring for in-band management. Secure access to the bridge:

(9) Check firmware version of the FibreBridge and update if required:

(10) To configure FC-to-SAS bridges for health monitoring in the clustershell::>

storage bridge add -address -managed-by in-band -name bridge-name

Q: How to update the firmware of an ATTO 7600N or 7500N bridge using in-band management in ONTAP 9.5+ [5]?
A: First download the firmware from NetApp -
- and then run these commands from the Clustershell::>

set -privilege advanced
storage bridge firmware update -name bridge-name -url URL-of-firmware-package
set -privilege admin
job show -name Storage bridge firmware update

-- Takes approximately 10 minutes --

storage bridge run-cli -name bridge-name -command FlashImages

To restart the bridge (not required from version 2.95):
storage bridge run-cli -name bridge-name -command FirmwareRestart
Finally verify firmware update::>

node run -node nodename -command sysconfig
storage bridge show -fields fw-version,symbolic-name

Image: Disk shelves connected to a pair of FibreBridge 7600N or 7500N bridges: