Re-zoning a Brocade 6510 FabOS 8 Fabric

Some commands used to re-zone a Brocade Fabric.

The fabric has two switches:

Site 1 Fabric 1 Switch = S1_F1 (Principal Switch)
Site 2 Fabric 1 Switch = S2_F1 (Subordinate Switch)

1) Persistently disable switches in the Fabric:

S1_F1> switchCfgPersistentDisable

S2_F1> switchCfgPersistentDisable

2) If you need to enable dynamic licensing:

Note: You may need to login as root to do this. If you don’t know the root password here is a root password reset procedure:

S1_F1> licensePort --show
S1_F1> licensePort --method dynamic
S1_F1> fastboot

S2_F1> licensePort --show
S2_F1> licensePort --method dynamic
S2_F1> fastboot

3) Delete the existing config and verify it has gone:

S1_F1> cfgdisable
S1_F1> cfgclear
S1_F1> cfgsave
S1_F1> cfgshow # Should have no config
S1_F1> zoneshow # should have no zones

S2_F1> cfgdisable
S2_F1> cfgclear
S2_F1> cfgsave
S2_F1> cfgshow # Should have no config
S2_F1> zoneshow # should have no zones

4) Configure portspeed for the new layout (you might want to configure other port settings too):

Syntax = portcfgspeed PORT_NUMBER SPEED

Example for 4 ports per switch in fabric 1:

S1_F1> portcfgspeed 0 16
S1_F1> portcfgspeed 1 16
S1_F1> portcfgspeed 2 16
S1_F1> portcfgspeed 3 16

S2_F1> portcfgspeed 0 16
S2_F1> portcfgspeed 1 16
S2_F1> portcfgspeed 2 16
S2_F1> portcfgspeed 3 16

5) Re-cable to new layout.

6) Switch Enable on the ‘Principal Switch’ only:

S1_F1> switchCfgPersistentEnable

7) Create the new zones on the ‘Principal Switch’:

Syntax = zonecreate "ZONENAME","DOMAIN_ID,PORT;DOMAIN_ID,PORT;..."

Example with a couple of zones:

S1_F1> zonecreate "FAB1_ZONE1","1,0;1,1;1,4;1,5;3,0;3,1;3,4;3,5"
S1_F1> zonecreate "FAB1_ZONE2","1,2;1,3;1,6;1,7;3,2;3,3;3,6;3,7;1,8"
S1_F1> zonecreate ...

Note: In the above our ‘Principal Switch’ has domain ID 1, and the ‘Subordinate Switch’ has domain ID 3.

8) Create the config on the ‘Principal Switch’:

Syntax = cfgcreate "CFG_NAME","ZONE1"
Syntax = cfgadd "CFG_NAME","ZONE2"

Example creating the config and adding the two zones above to it:

S1_F1> cfgcreate "CFG_FAB1","FAB1_ZONE1"
S1_F1> cfgadd "CFG_FAB1","FAB1_ZONE2"
S1_F1> cfgadd ...

9) Verify the config, zoning, and then enable the config on the ‘Principal Switch’:

S1_F1> cfgshow
S1_F1> zoneshow
S1_F1> cfgenable "CFG_FAB1"

10) Re-enable the ‘Subordinate Switch’:

S2_F1> switchCfgPersistentEnable

11) Repeat 1 - 10 for the other Fabric - Fabric 2.


Note 1: If you’re re-zoning the Fabric for a NetApp Fabric Attached MetroCluster (which is what I was doing), one recommended thing to do is to disable the storage ports::>

storage port disable -node NODENAME -port PORTNAME

For example:

storage port disable -node node1 -port 0a

Note 2: Official NetApp Documentation link: