Tool to FlexClone SCE Database Snapshot and Present to SMBR Server - Part 2 of 2: Demo

To demonstrate the use of the FlexClone_DB_SnapShot_to_Server tool, here’s a straightforward demonstration with pictures.

1) Double-click FlexClone_DB_SnapShot_to_Server.BAT to run thetool.
2) Input the SVM password.
3) Specify which database you want to restore from.
4) Choose which volume you want to restore from.

Image: 1-4 Selecting Database and Volume

5) Choose which snapshot you want to restore from.
6) Then the tool goes away and flexclones the volume, and presents the LUN as an R drive to the server, which automatically opens.

Image: 5-6 Choosing which snapshot to restore from

Image: The tools runs ‘Explorer R:’ so the Explorer Window automatically pops up and you can browse to your EDB file.

7) Press ENTER when you are read to start the tidy up (Flexclone destroy).

Image: 7 Tidy up completed!