NetApp ONTAP: What’s Involved in a Basic FAS/AFF Install?

Q: What’s involved in a NetApp ONTAP FAS/AFF Basic Install?

Officially, one (NetApp partner/NetApp representative) should use ConfigBuilder -
- to “ensure consistency in the way we install NetApp systems.” In practice I find the tool is a little out-of-date but it still provides a useful framework.

Image: NetApp ConfigBuilder

Below is my list (as always with everything on this blog - not official), based partially on ConfigBuilder, experience and other sources. I might add to the list as time goes by (this is not something I’ve been using, just thought it might be a useful thing to do).


Pre-planning call to go over the details and make sure the install will be a success first time!
- Cabinets size, space, and power
- All required back-end cabling present
- All required front-end cabling present/available

Hardware Setup Checklist

- Rack equipment
- Cable equipment (backend cabling)
- Cable equipment (frontend/data cabling)
- Set shelf IDs (if have external shelves)

Cluster Switch Setup (if present)

- Install correct switch OS
- Install correct RCF file

Configure switches:
- Switch name
- Management IP
- Management login

ONTAP Software Setup Checklist

Loader environment:
- Check date
- Can run sp setup

Maintenance mode:
- Check ucadmin settings
- Check MPHA
- Check ha-config

- Install the desired ONTAP version

Cluster setup:
- Node management interface
- Cluster name
- Admin password
- Cluster management interface
- DNS (hosts and search)

Join remaining nodes to the cluster:
- Node management interface

- Configure Service-Processors

- Rename nodes as required
- Rename LIFs as required

- Install license keys (I always do post cluster setup)

- IPSpaces (if required)
- Broadcast Domains
- Routes

- Intercluster LIFs
- Cluster peering

Configure time:
- Timezone, date & time, NTP

- Create Aggregates

Create (Test/POC/Basic) SVM:
- SVM Management LIF
- SVM Data LIFs
- SVM Routes
- SVM Protocols (CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC)
- SVM Peering

- Configure AutoSupport

- Check SFO hwassist settings

- Run Config Advisor (and correct anything that needs correcting)

- Test failover/giveback (disable ASUP/set to MAINT prior to doing this)

ONTAP Advanced Configuration (not included in basic install)

- Change admin password (productionize)
- Security Roles
- Alerting (including adding cluster to OCUM/ActiveIQ Unified Manager)
- Certificates
- Data Protection
- Additional SVMs