Studying for the VCP-CMA 2020 Certification

One goal I have set for early 2020, is to study for and pass the VCP-CMA 2020 certification. The VCP-CMA 2020 releases on Jan 1, 2020 (and will retire December 31, 2020). The VCP-CMA 2020 is the direct replacement* for the ‘VMware Certified Professional - Cloud Management and Automation 2019’ (or VCP-CMA 2019).

For VCP-CMA 2019, the VMware Education Services link is:
The VCP-CMA 2020 page does not yet exist. I’d expect it to be the below:

Based on the VCP-CMA 2019, the certification paths vary dependent on if you have VCP certifications/no VCP certifications. The last VCP I did was VCP6.5 DCV back in September 2018, so I’m hopeful (when VCP-CMA 2020 details come out) that I don’t need to do the foundational stuff.

Based on the VCP-CMA 2019 information from the link above, picking latest versions of stuff (from December 2019), I’d expect the certification path for VCP-CMA 2020 with already holding a VCP 6.5 to be:

1. Gain experience with vSphere 6.7 and vRealize 8.0
2. (Recommended) Attend the training course:
VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manager [V8.0]
3. Pass the VCP-CMA 2020 exam ‘Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.0’.
Based on the VCP-CMA 2019, I’d expect the 2020 exam link to be:

Where to Start

Based on my lack of definite information for the VCP-CMA 2020, the exam is not something I’d target until March 2020. In the meantime, there are older resources we can utilize:

Review the objectives and the sample questions from the VCP-CMA 2019 Exam Guide:

Check out the outline of the V7.6 course (I’m expecting V8.0 to come out for 2020):

The Saffa Geeks blog posts look useful too:

Hit the labs below!

VMware Labs

Create a free login if you don’t have one.

vRealize Automation Hand-on Lab

vRealize Orchestration

 vSphere Advanced Topics

Other Links (NetApp HCI)

NetApp Verified Architecture: NetApp HCI for VMware Private Cloud: NVA Design

NetApp Verified Architecture: NetApp HCI for VMware Private Cloud: NVA Deployment

vRealize Related Udemy Lab

Learning VMware vRealize Operations Manager
Increase your productivity and efficiency with the vRealize Operations Manager

Not really vRealize related but still interesting:

Clear and Simple VMware NSX 6.2 and vSphere Virtual Networks
Whether you are an absolute beginner or a CCIE this is the NSX course for you! Ideal Prep for the VCP6-NV & VCP-NV-2019!

Note: NetApp: Swap for


  1. Any news about certification VCP-CMA 2020 for vRA [V8] ?

    1. Hi Unknown. From my research, VCP-CMA 2020 is still vRA 7.6:
      I'd guess the VCP-CMA 2021 will be vRA 8. Alas, I've been so busy with other work I've not been studying for my VCP-CMA 2020, hope to revisit later in the year. Take care, VC


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