What’s New in ONTAP 9.7 (and Enhancements)

ONTAP 9.7 has been out since January 2020 (9.7 GA Package Build Date = 9th January 2020.)

Image: How to Upgrade to ONTAP 9.7 (since ONTAP 9.4 you can ‘Add (image) from Local Client’, no HTTP/FTP server required): ONTAP System Manager > Configuration > Cluster > Update

Below is just a snapshot of what’s new and the enhancements that are available with ONTAP 9.7.

Theme: Performance
- Introduction of End-to-End NVMe with new Mid-Range system (AFF A400)
- FlexCache enhancements including MCC and FlexGroup (origin) support
- ONTAP Select support of NVMe devices

Theme: Hybrid Storage
- Introduction of new Mid-Range system (FAS8300) and High-End system (FAS8700) storage systems

Theme: SAN
- Introduction of All SAN Array systems (ASA) enable with Symmetric Active-Active feature
- Enables instantaneous IO recovery from path or controller failure

Theme: Security
- Data-at-Rest Encryption by default: Leveraging HW or SW based encryption
- ActiveIQ Security Dashboard: Provides full orchestration of enabling security across cluster

Theme: Data Protection & Replication
- FabricPool Mirror: Enables mirroring the same data to multiple vendors for an additional level of resiliency
- NDMP support for large containers (FlexGroup) and for data tiering (Fabric Pool)
- SnapMirror Synchronous (SM-S) updates: Support for NVMe RPO=0, LUN cloning
- MetroCluster IP Enhancements: new platforms, tiering
-- MetroCluster FC on A400, FAS8300
-- MCC IP Open Network support
-- Mediator to enable AUSO for MCC IP
-- FabricPool and MCC-IP interoperability

Theme: Simplicity
- Redesigned system manager focusing on smart defaulting and visualization focused for the IT generalist
- Simplified Virtual Appliance (VSC) deployment by replacing API Services with REST calls for VM metrics, and using System Manager to create admin users (instead of RUC)

Theme: Scalable File System
- FlexGroup Enhancements
-- NFS v4.0 and v4.1 support
-- VAAI support
-- FlexVol to FlexGroup conversion

Image: ONTAP 9.7’s new and improved redesigned System Manager @ https://{CLUSTER}/sysmgr/v4 (Classic version is https://{CLUSTER}/sysmgr)