NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud - Implementation Engineer (NS0-402)

When I was looking through the ‘Reference Document’ for the NetApp certifications (current link), the list of references that most interested me, was the list for ‘NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud - Implementation Engineer (NS0-402)’. This certification does cover a vast range of  different products and technologies.
When I went through the reference links, some did not work (were old - a problem with IT certs in general, stuff goes out of date so quickly), some were duplicated, and some were way too broad to focus studies on; so I’ve reformed the references, removing duplicates and links that don’t work, and trying to put them in some order. The references have been separated them into three categories:
1) Blogs, White Papers and Other Articles
2) Documentation Sets
3) Broad References
1) Blogs, White Papers and Other Articles
Dealing with the Unexpected (Aug. 2019 Blog):
Automated Data Cloning for Cloud-Based Testing of Software Applications (Feb. 2019 Blog):
Getting Started with NetApp and Ansible: First Playbook Example (Oct. 2018 Blog):
Consuming WFA Resources from Ansible (Jul. 2018 Blog):
CloudShip Hybrid Cloud Reference Architecture: Migrating the Workflow Engine to the Cloud (April 2019 White Paper):
NetApp Cloud Insights: A New Way to Monitor Your Cloud Infrastructure (Feb. 2019 White Paper):
The Twelve-Factor App:
JSON Syntax:
JSON Data Types:
JSON Arrays:
REST API Tutorial: HTTP Methods:
Continuous integration vs. continuous delivery vs. continuous deployment
Kubernetes Concepts:
Kubernetes Persistent Volumes:
GitHub Docs: About pull requests:
GitHub: Prometheus: Default port allocations:
NetApp Trident on GitHub:
Trident for Kubernetes:
Kubernetes Design and Architecture Guide: Concepts and Definitions:
Kubernetes Storage Concepts: Persistent Volumes:
Kubernetes and Trident Objects: Object Overview:
Trident for Kubernetes > Concepts > Virtual Storage Pools:
Trident: Backend configuration:
Trident: Kubernetes: ONTAP (AFF/FAS/Select/Cloud): Choosing a driver:
Trident: Kubernetes: Element (HCI/SolidFire):
Trident installation modes:
Trident: Volume Operations: 8.5.1. Modifying Persistent Volumes:
NetApp Trident: Managing Volumes: On-Demand Volume Snapshots
Upgrading Trident on Kubernetes?
Trident: Docker: Volume Cloning
Cloud Insights > Kubernetes Data Collector:
ONTAP port usage on a storage system:
Cloud Manager > Roles:
Cloud Manager policies for AWS, Azure, and GCP:
Cloud Manager > Encrypting volumes with NetApp encryption solutions:
Cloud Manager > WORM storage:
Cloud Manager > Improving protection against ransomware:
Cloud Manager > Encryption of data at rest:
Cloud Manager > Encrypting volumes with NetApp encryption solutions:
Cloud Manager > Networking requirements for the Connector: Outbound Internet Access
Cloud Manager > Replicating Data Between Systems (Replicating Data to and From the Cloud):
Microsoft Azure: About Point-to-Site VPN:
Guidelines for Azure NetApp Files network planning:
Cloud Manager > Networking requirements for Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS:
AWS VPN > Getting Started:
Cloud Sync > How Cloud Sync works:
Cloud Manager > Data tiering overview:
Cloud Manager > Learn about Cloud Tiering (NetApp Service Connector):
Cloud Manager > Managing data tiering from your clusters (Tiering Data from Additional Clusters):
Cloud Manager > Replicating data between systems: What Replication Policies Do (Types of Replication Policies):
Cloud Manager > Discovering (and Managing) ONTAP clusters:
Authentication with NetApp Cloud Central
Cloud Manager > Getting started with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure:
Cloud Manager > Modifying Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems:
Cloud Sync > Managing sync relationships (Changing Sync Schedules):
Cloud Manager > Provisioning storage (Using FlexCache Volumes to Accelerate Data Access):
Quickstart: Set up Azure NetApp Files and create an NFS volume:
What is Cloud Sync?
Automating NetApp with Ansible:
Ansible Documentation: Using Variables:
Ansible Documentation: Loops:
ansible.builtin.template – Template a file out to a remote server:
community.general.na_ontap_gather_facts – NetApp information gatherer:
na_ontap_interface – NetApp ONTAP LIF configuration:
Enabling SnapMirror on the Element cluster:
FlexCache in ONTAP: ONTAP 9.8
FabricPool Best Practices: ONTAP 9.8
SnapMirror Synchronous disaster recovery basics
Elasticity in Cloud Computing: What It Is, and What It Is Not
Amazon Lightsail Instance and Block Storage Service Level Agreement
NetApp HCI for Private Cloud with Red Hat: NVA Design (May 2019 NVA):
Kubernetes and Trident on NetApp HCI: Considerations and Known Issues:
OpenStack: Image Service Overview
2) Documentation Sets
Cloud Insights documentation:
NetApp API Documentation links for:
NetApp Cloud Central, Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Sync, Virtual Desktop Service:
Ansible Documentation:
Git Documentation:
ONTAP 9.6 REST API online documentation:
Kubernetes Documentation:
Puppet Product documentation:
AWS Documentation:
Docker Documentation:
StorageGRID 11.2: Grid Primer:
StorageGRID 11.2: Administration Guide:
StorageGRID NAS Bridge 2.2: Administration Guide:
NetApp Product Documentation:
Microsoft Documentation:
3) Broad References
Azure NetApp Files:
Cloud Sync Service:
Cloud Backup Service:
Kubernetes: Production-Grade Container Orchestration:
NetApp: thePub:
The Linux Juggernaut:
NetApp Knowledge Base:
FlexPod Converged Infrastructure: