NetApp E-Series E2760 8.20 to 8.40 Upgrade Experience

Been a while since I last had to upgrade an E-Series System. The E2760 running SANtricity 8.20 doesn’t use the new System Manager, so the first thing you’ll need to do is upgrade the E-Series SANtricity Storage Manager client.
Before you can start the E-Series controller upgrades:

  1. The system needs to be optimal.
  2.  No operations should be in progress.
  3. Go through the event log checking for issues. Clear down the log when you’re satisfied there’s nothing that needs resolving before the upgrade.
Image: Things to Check Prior to Upgrading Your E2760


There are 5 things to upgrade, and in this order (not including Host specific software here):
  • 1) Upgrade ‘SANtricity Storage Manager’ client
    • ~45 minutes - needs a server reboot
  • 2&3) Upgrade the ‘Controller Firmware’ and ‘Controller NVSRAM...’ (can do at the same time)
    • ~45 minutes
  • 4) Upgrade ‘ESM Firmware...’
    • ~45 minutes
  • 5) Upgrade ‘Disk Firmware...’
    • Can leave this running after everything else is done. It will update firmware one disk per disk-pool at a time.
 Image: Things to Upgrade in SANtricity Array Manager

Things to Download:

1) Download E-Series SANtricity Storage Manager 11.53.0X00.0013 from:

2) Download firmware for E2760

Download SANtricity OS Software

Download SANtricity NVSRAM (Dual Controller)

Download IOM Firmware for SAS2 Enclosures

3) Download E-Series Disk Firmware