Data ONTAP 7-Mode Qtree Tracking Quotas - Does it Work on the Volume's Root?

Data ONTAP 7-Mode is still out there, still being used in the enterprise, and still a valid topic for a blog post.

I needed to find out if 7-mode qtree tracking quotas also track consumption in the '-' qtree (root of the volume) and discovered the answer is 'no'. Still, things that don't work make as good a blog post as things that work (we need things that don't work to appreciate things that do work,) so here we go:

I set up my lab 7-mode system as so.

1) Check DNS is configured:

fas01> rdfile /etc/resolv.conf

2) Run CIFS Setup:

fas01> cifs setup

3) Create a couple of volumes:

fas01> vol create vol1 -l en -s none aggr1 10g
fas01> vol create vol2 -l en -s none aggr1 20g

4) Create a couple of qtrees on vol2:

fas01> qtree create /vol/vol2/aqtree
fas01> qtree create /vol/vol2/bqtree

5) Create 4 CIFS shares:

fas01> cifs shares -add vol1 /vol/vol1
fas01> cifs shares -add vol2 /vol/vol2
fas01> cifs shares -add aqtree /vol/vol2/aqtree
fas01> cifs shares -add bqtree /vol/vol2/bqtree

6) See the quotas file is empty:

fas01> rdfile /etc/quotas

7) Populate (see image below):

  • /vol/vol1 with 3 * 45MBfile
  • /vol/vol2/aqtree with 1 * 45MBfile
  • /vol/vol2/bqtree with 2 * 45MBfile

8) Configure volume tracking quotas and enable:

fas01> wrfile -a /etc/quotas * tree@/vol/vol1 - - - - -
fas01> wrfile -a /etc/quotas * tree@/vol/vol2 - - - - -
fas01> quota on /vol/vol1
fas01> quota on /vol/vol2
fas01> quota status

9) Run quota report.

And when I run the quota report we don't have any knowledge of what's in the root of the volume.

fas01> quota report
Type  ID   Volume   Tree  Used      Quota Specifier
---- ---- ------- ------- --------- ---------------
tree    *    vol1       -         0 *
tree    *    vol2       -         0 *
tree    1    vol2  aqtree     45720 /vol/vol2/aqtree
tree    2    vol2  bqtree     91440 /vol/vol2/bqtree