Have a Great 2023!


Nearly at the end of 2022 and there's not much left to say except:

Many thanks to everyone who has visited the blog in 2022.

And have a Great 2023!

Okay, there is a little more I feel like saying 😉.

2022 was a bit of a quiet year on Cosonok's IT Blog and maybe the pageviews have suffered because of this. From the below, you can see the blog has dropped from it's heyday of regularly achieving 40k pageviews a month from 2012 to 2015, to getting 20k pageviews a month 2017 to 2022, and now hovering just above 10k pageviews a month -

- these figures are still incredible for a little blog. My other IT blog is getting around 3k pageviews a month, which is also incredible. These blogs were always an aid to my memory more than anything, and if other people see these posts and find them useful, that is a super bonus 😊.

After 10 years, the home lab workstation has finally gone. It had served me well, but I simply don't use it for labs these days (getting software and licenses can be a pain) and I have access to other - better - labs. I bought a HP Envy personal laptop for about £1k, and have a "free" 38 inch widescreen monitor with screen splitting software to plug into it (LG UltraWide 38GN950-B), and it's a great and simple setup. My works Lenovo Thinkpad laptop is now over 7-years old and waiting on replacement.

One funny thing I came across here - Cosonok - Overview, News & Competitors | ZoomInfo.com. No idea where they got their data from, but no I don't have 26 employees, not headquartered Texas and definitely not got a revenue of $5m (I wish.)

Very finally, a couple of quotes which I think are useful to everyone, and I've only come across these recently. My motivation has sucked the last year or two and I really have no excuse for this. I'm no fan of excuse making.

"It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret to happiness." - J.M. Barrie

"No man can be successful, unless he first loves his work." - David Sarnoff

Happy New Year! 🍻