E-Series: Lessons Learned Deploying E2812

Must have been a while since I deployed an E-Series as things have changed.

The default IPs (when DHCP has timed out) for the management ports used to be (/24 subnet mask):

  • / 102 (Controller A / B Port 1)
  • / 102 (Controller A / B Port 2)

But this is no longer the case. Now it is (/16 subnet mask):

  • / 102 (Controller A / B Port 1)
  • / 102 (Controller A / B Port 2)

Anyway, I'd tried both sets of IPs and simply couldn't get a connection to the controller (turns out I probably didn't wait long enough - I have seen a 10 minute DHCP timeout mentioned.) So I used the serial to find out the IP address. The procedure is detailed here:

How to log into an E-Series controller serially

For 2812, Baud 115200 with micro-USB to USB cable.

The shell passwords are listed here (I cannot share):

(I can't remember which user name I used, but the username and password is in the above link.)

Once I'd connected, the command to see what the IP address is:


This is detailed here:

Cannot connect the default IPs of E-series controllers