Performing an ONTAP Health Check Analysis

Here are 5 health check / analysis / assessment tools for ONTAP:

For performance metrics analysis and monitoring:
Other tools in the NetApp Toolchest include:
  • ActiveIQ OneCollect
  • MetroCluster Data Collector (MCDC)
  • NFS cDOT Showmount tool
  • Performance and Statistics Collector (perfstat for Clustered Data ONTAP)
  • SnapGathers
  • Syslog Translator

Additional Notes:

The 3 main remote (via ActiveIQ) health checks:

1) ActiveIQ Storage Health sub-sections:
  • Dashboard
    • Useful for risks and Keystone (if using)
  • AutoSupport
  • Performance
    • Especially interesting is node CPU utilization (also latency if not SSD)
  • ClusterView
  • Sustainability (NEW) (available only at customer, watchlist, group or site level)
  • Capacity and Efficiency
    • Worth looking at Node Aggregate space utilization. Also Storage Efficiency to see the Data Reduction levels being achieved.
  • Keystone Advisor (BETA) (available only at a customer level)
  • Health Check
    • Essentially a summary of the risks from the Dashboard.
  • Health Assessment (a paid for service)
  • Cloud Recommendations
    • Covers: Migration, Backup & Archive, Disaster Recovery, Tiering
  • Valuable Insights
2) Config Advisor

3) NetAppDocs

Commands to run in PowerShell>

Import-Module NetAppDocs

$ClusterName = "CLUSTERNAME"
$SerialOfNode = "SERIALNUMBER"

[String]$ClusterID = (Find-NtapAsupClusterId -ClusterName $ClusterName -NodeSerialNumber $SerialOfNode).cluster_identifier

Get-NtapClusterAsupData -Cluster ($ClusterName + ":" + $ClusterID) | Format-NtapClusterData | Out-NtapDocument -WordFile ("C:\Output\" + $ClusterName + ".Docx") -ExcelFile ("C:\Output\" + $ClusterName + ".xlsx")