How You Should Rack Your SG6060

A random post from having done a few of these StorageGRID SG6060 installs. Based on having the minimal 4 storage nodes for a new StorageGRID deployment, this is the optimal way to rack your SG6060:

That is (from bottom to top): E2860, SG6000-CN, SG6000-CN, E2860 ... and repeat.

The 1U SG6000-CN (Compute controller) is a little shorter than the E2860 controller shelf, so if you rack E2860, SG6000-CN, E2860, SG6000-CN ... and repeat, then you only have 1U to do the cabling, which can be a bit fiddly (it is still perfectly fine though.)

Image for illustration from

And a photo to prove the point. My hand fits in a 2U gap 😊