Does SnapMirror Support Interval Schedules? No

I was curious to see if I can use an interval schedule for SnapMirror but it is not possible.

Below are my lab notes.

1) Create a 15 minute interval schedule

cluster1::> job schedule interval create -cluster cluster1 -vserver cluster1 -name int_15mins -minutes 15

2) Can we use the 15 minute interval schedule in a snapshot policy? Yes

cluster1::> snapshot policy create -policy snappol_15mins -vserver cluster1 -enabled true -comment "Snaps every 15 mins x 1000" -schedule1 int_15mins -count1 1000

3) Snapmirror test setup (SVMs already peered).

cluster1::> volume create -vserver svm1_cluster1 -volume vol_test_1 -size 10g -aggregate cluster1_01_SSD_1

cluster1::> volume create -vserver svm2_cluster1 -volume vol_test_1 -size 10g -aggregate cluster1_01_SSD_1 -type DP

4) Can we create a snapmirror relationship with an interval schedule? No

cluster1::> snapmirror create -source-path svm1_cluster1:vol_test_1 -destination-path svm2_cluster1:vol_test_1 -policy MirrorAllSnapshots -schedule int_15mins

Error: command failed: Schedule "int_15mins" is an interval schedule. SnapMirror does not support interval schedules.