Setting up VMware Capacity Planner ( Walkthrough guide )

Part A: Setting a New Assessment

1: Go to and login with your credentials

2: From the Home page, select ‘Start new assessment’

3: Enter the company details, we shall select Consolidation Analysis (CA), and click ‘Next >’

4: Grant Access to users who can view and manage the assessment , and click ‘Next >’

5: We’ll skip the Select Notifications bit for this one – click ‘Next >’

6: We’ll skip the Select Subscriptions bit for this one – click ‘Finish’

Part B: Downloading and installing the collector

1: Log on to a server where the assessment is to be run,

login to , click on 'Portal' in the top right corner
under Resources → Product Downloads, download the VMware Capacity Planner Collector

2: Run the exe
3: Click 'Next >' on the initial screen

4: Accept the License Agreement → Click 'Next >'
5: Choose a Destination Folder to install to → Click 'Next >'
6: Configure Collector Service Account credentials → Click 'Next >'

7: Click 'Install'
8: Click 'Finish'

Part C: Configuring the VMware Capacity Planner Data Manager

1: Double-click on the 'VMware Capacity Planner Data Manager' icon on the desktop, or access via Programs.

You will be presented with a screen like the below
Configuring is just a case of running through the 7 steps

1: Setup Wizard

2: Click Import Systems or Discover Domain Discover Systems
(If not run automatically when finished Task 1)

3: Click Test Collection View Test Collection Results
4: Click Collect Inventory Data
5: Click Collect Performance Data
6: Click Register Collector

A Register Collector window (see below) will pop-up
Instructions for 'if you are doing a full assessment'
i: Choose Administration → Collector → Register Database Ids

ii: On the Administration – Database ID Registration screen, click Add
iii: Paste the ID in the field provided and click OK

Click Verify Collector

7: Click Synchronize Data

To ensure data is regularly synchronized, from the VMware Capacity Planner Data Manager, go
Admin → Options → 'Jobs' tab → untick 'Suspend Scheduler'

And then wait....

Author V. Cosonok


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