NetApp Simulator for Clustered ONTAP 8.2 RC Setup Notes

The NetApp Simulator for Clustered ONTAP 8.2 RC, comes in two versions - one for VMware Workstation/Player/Fusion, and one for VMware ESXi (here we cover the VMware Workstation version.)

To get the two node cluster working, it is important to set the serial numbers correctly as the licensing has changed. There is now a base cluster license, then protocol licenses per node (hence why the serial numbers need setting). Apart from that, there’s nothing too much new to be covered other than what’s been covered previously in these post for CDOT 8.1.2.

VMware Workstation/Player/Fusion Simulator Serial Numbers

The first node you let boot to the Boot Menu - press Ctrl+C when prompted - and option 4 to initialize the disks.

The second node you must boot to the boot prompt initially - press any key when the “Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other for command prompt. Booting in 10 seconds…” message is displayed.

From the VLOADER> prompt run

setenv SYS_SERIAL_NUM 4034389-06-2
setenv bootarg.nvram.sysid 4034389062
printenv bootarg.nvram.sysid

Then the second node you let boot to the Boot Menu - press Ctrl+C when prompted - and option 4 to initialize the disks.

VMware Workstation/Player/Fusion Simulator Licenses

The 2-node cluster base license is applied in the cluster setup script:


The protocol licenses are per simulator node; apply these after the 2-node cluster setup has been done by copy and pasting the below lines at the clustershell prompt:


# Licenses for 8.2 CDOT SIM node 1
system license add -license-code APJAYWXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #CIFS              
system license add -license-code YDFEZWXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #FCP               
system license add -license-code UHWLBXXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #FlexClone         
system license add -license-code AVGMFXXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #Insight_Balance 
system license add -license-code MJHPYWXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #iSCSI             
system license add -license-code OULLXWXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #NFS               
system license add -license-code SWRPCXXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapLock          
system license add -license-code OAJXEXXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapLock_Enterpri
system license add -license-code ERPEDXXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapManager     
system license add -license-code INYWAXXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapMirror   
system license add -license-code QLNTDXXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapProtect     
system license add -license-code WSAIAXXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapRestore        
system license add -license-code GCUACXXCCLPKICXAGAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapVault         
# Licenses for 8.2 CDOT SIM node 2
system license add -license-code MHEYKUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #CIFS              
system license add -license-code KWZBMUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #FCP               
system license add -license-code GARJOUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #FlexClone         
system license add -license-code MNBKSUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #Insight_Balance 
system license add -license-code YBCNLUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #iSCSI             
system license add -license-code ANGJKUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #NFS               
system license add -license-code EPMNPUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapLock          
system license add -license-code ATDVRUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapLock_Enterpri
system license add -license-code QJKCQUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapManager     
system license add -license-code UFTUNUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapMirror   
system license add -license-code CEIRQUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapProtect     
system license add -license-code ILVFNUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapRestore        
system license add -license-code SUOYOUNFXMSMUCEZFAAAAAAAAAAA #SnapVault


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