Two Methods to Obtain the Contents of a System Folder in Clustered ONTAP

Method 1: Using WGET for Windows

Note > This assumes you’ve set up the SPI (Service Processor Infrastructure) for web access already - if not see Part 1 of this article and/or Method 3 from here - and that the files you want to get are available via this method.

1) Download Wget for Windows from:

2) Double-click the wget-XXX-setup.exe to install and follow through the Wizard.

3) Browse to the install directory which is (by default on a 64-bit system):
C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\

4) Then shift and right-click the bin folder - as in the image below - and select ‘Open command window here’:

Image: Open DOS command prompt at a specified folder using shift and right-click

5) And from the command prompt run a line like in the below example:

wget -r -l 1 --no-check-certificate --user=admin --password=Pa55word

Which recursively (hence the r) to a depth of 1 (hence the ‘ell’ -l 1 or level 1) - so as not to start recursively grabbing stuff from other directories - grabs all the files in the web folder path specified (here a Cluster with Cluster Management IP Address of, node nac3-01, and the stats > archive folder), ignores SSL certificate issues, and uses the specified credentials to log into the web server.

Method 2: Using FTP

1) If you don’t have a FTP server already, download Filezilla FTP server from:

Image: FileZilla Server Interface shortcut

Note 1 > Locally, the ‘Connect to Server’ details default to this: Server Address =, Port = 14147, with no Administration Password!
Note 2 > If this is your first time using FileZilla Server, you’ll want to create a user (Edit > General > Add User) with password (for the FTP session we’ll establish next), and a shared folder (Edit > Shared Folders > Add Folder), and give the user file and folder create permissions in this folder, and set the folder as home directory for this user.

2) Then run the commands as in the example below (again we’re grabbing the contents of the stats > archive folder):

::> security login unlock -username diag
::> security login password -username diag
::> set -privilege advanced
::*> systemshell -node naclus1-01
% cd /mroot/etc/log/stats/archive
% ftp
ftp> open
Name: ftpUser
Password: Passw0rd
ftp> binary
ftp> prompt
ftp> mput *.*
ftp> exit
% exit
::*> set -privilege admin
::> security login lock -username diag