7 to C Migration Methods for SnapMirrored 7-Mode Volumes: Part 6/7

Part 6) Method 3: Using 7MTT CLI Commands to Migrate Our 7 to 7 SnapMirror Relationship

We revert the lab to the state at the end of Part 3.

Instead of using the 7MTT CLI Wizard Menu System, we can run 7MTT CLI commands.

Start > All Programs > NetApp 7-Mode Transition Tool > NetApp 7-Mode Transition Tool (cli) 1.2

Type exit

Step: Main menu
Select one of the following menu items:
1. Show all sessions
2. Create a new session
3. Select existing session
4. Exit
Enter your selection(1-4): exit

7-Mode Transition Tool>

Note: Check out “7-Mode Transition Tool 1.2: Data and Configuration Transition Guide: Transitioning volumes using the 7-Mode Transition Tool (CLI)” for descriptions of the syntax.


transition credentials add -h NAFAS1 -u admin
transition credentials add -h NAFAS2 -u admin
transition credentials add -h NACLU1 -u admin
transition credentials add -h NACLU2 -u admin

transition create -s NAFAS2toNASVM2 -t secondary -n NAFAS2 -c -h NACLU2 -v NASVM2 -d hourly
transition create -s NAFAS1toNASVM1 -t primary -n NAFAS1 -c -h NACLU1 -v NASVM1 -d hourly

transition volumepair add -s NAFAS2toNASVM2 -v vol1 -c vol1 -g aggr1
transition volumepair add -s NAFAS2toNASVM2 -v vol2 -c vol2 -g aggr1
transition volumepair add -s NAFAS2toNASVM2 -v vol3 -c vol3 -g aggr1

transition volumepair add -s NAFAS1toNASVM1 -v vol1 -c vol1 -g aggr1
transition volumepair add -s NAFAS1toNASVM1 -v vol2 -c vol2 -g aggr1
transition volumepair add -s NAFAS1toNASVM1 -v vol3 -c vol3 -g aggr1

transition credentials add -h -u root
transition add-primary-seven-mode-system -s NAFAS2toNASVM2 -h NAFAS1 -f -d
transition add-secondary-cluster-mode-system -s NAFAS1toNASVM1 -h NACLU2 -v NASVM2

Running Pre-Checks

Using prior experience:
1) Disable the Windows Firewall on MSADM1
2) On NAFAS1>
options snapmirror.access host=NAFAS2,,

transition precheck -s NAFAS2toNASVM2
transition precheck -s NAFAS1toNASVM1

Starting Data Copy for a Transition Session

transition start -s NAFAS2toNASVM2
transition job-results -j ba797928-4387-4bdb-b1e5-222724fd21f0
transition job-status -j ba797928-4387-4bdb-b1e5-222724fd21f0

transition start -s NAFAS1toNASVM1
transition job-results -j e02f626d-e664-446d-b079-acf19b755040
transition job-status -j e02f626d-e664-446d-b079-acf19b755040

Completing the transition of the Secondary

transition complete -s NAFAS2toNASVM2
transition job-results -j c75119fe-7d62-4b82-98ae-1e1f2b5ebe60

Completing the transition of the Primary

MSADM1: Disconnect from Shares

net use U: /delete
net use V: /delete
net use W: /delete

NAFAS1: Terminate Client Access to Shares

priv set advanced
cifs terminate -v vol1
cifs terminate -v vol2
cifs terminate -v vol3


transition complete -s NAFAS1toNASVM1
transition job-results -j 07c05b41-e877-4c08-8fc5-ca7555520d7f


Update the CNAME FS1 (which pointed to NANAS1.lab.priv) to point to NASVM1.lab.priv.

MSADM1: Reconnect to Shares

ipconfig /flushdns
net use U: \\FS1\share1 /persistent:yes
net use V: \\FS1\share2 /persistent:yes
net use W: \\FS1\share3 /persistent:yes

And verify data availability!


And C to C SnapMirrors are in place...

NACLU2::> snapmirror show
Source            Destination  Mirror
Path        Type  Path         State
----------- ---- ------------ -------
NASVM1:vol1 DP   NASVM2:vol1  Snapmirrored
NASVM1:vol2 DP   NASVM2:vol2  Snapmirrored
NASVM1:vol3 DP   NASVM2:vol3  Snapmirrored