7-Mode Transition Tool 1.4RC1 - Quick Install Update

Requirements* (These have changed slightly)

O/S: 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise, Server 2008 R2 Enterprise with SP1+, or Server 2012 R2 Standard
Specs: Dual-core x64 processor, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD
Software: 64-bit Java JRE (automatically updated/installed by the installer)
Browser: IE 9/10/11, Firefox 20+, Chrome 27+
Display: 1280 x 1024
UAC: Recommend turning off User Account Control
*See http://support.netapp.com/matrix for the most up to date information.

Port Requirements: Connections to 7MTT (No change)

Port 8088/8443
This can be changed by tool.http.port/tool.https.port parameter in transition-tool.conf - must restart 7MTT service after changing. Firewall should either be off or allowed to the above port(s)

Port Requirements: Connections from 7MTT to Systems (No change)

HTTP/S port 80/443

Excellent New Feature: Inventory Collect Tool 1.4RC1!

This is installed with 7MTT 1.4RC1 or it can be installed standalone, and allows:

- Collecting inventory information about controllers, hosts, and host applications.
- Assessing the controllers, hosts, and host applications to identify how these systems work in the Clustered Data ONTAP version selected for transition, and generate assessment reports.

Installation (Hardly any change)

Download the software package from:

Installing the software:
Double-click the downloaded NetApp_7ModeTransitionTool_Setup.exe

7-Mode Transition Tool Setup: Welcome …
Click Next >

Image: Welcome to 7MTT 1.4RC1 Setup Wizard

7-Mode Transition Tool Setup: Select Installation Location
Leave as/change from the default path - C:\Program Files\NetApp\7-Mode Transition Tool
Click Install

{Next two steps if Java JRE 64-bit is not already installed}

Java Setup - Welcome
Click Install >

Java Setup - Complete
Click Close

7-Mode Transition Tool Setup: … installed successfully
Uncheck/leave - Launch the tool
Uncheck/leave - Show Readme*
Click Finish

Image: 7MTT installed successfully
*To read the readme later see "C:\Program Files\NetApp\7-Mode Transition Tool\readme.txt"

A Slight Difference When Launching the Tool

Image: 7MTT 1.4RC1 screen after login
You can toggle between the Collect & Assess / Migrate modes of 7MTT 1.4RC1 after logging in.

Image: 7MTT 1.4RC1 toggle Collect & Assess / Migrate