Saturday, 22 July 2017

Notes on “DevOps - How to Accelerate Your Software Development Cycles and Gain a Competitive Edge with NetApp”

The titular whitepaper is available from NetApp's Field Portal. Since I like to take notes, here are some notes I took down, a handful of screen grabs, some useful links, and some supplemental links and screen grabs, using the original section titles up to the Appendix!

1) Digital transformation drives acceleration

2) Blending development and operations: DevOps

3) DevOps is all about culture, process and technology

4) Why containers rule the new software world

Image: Containers are not Virtual Machines

Benefits of containers...:
- better portability
- increased speed and agility
- higher density
- less infrastructure
- lower cost

...And their limitation:
“Containers have an ephemeral nature due to their stateless design. Creating and discarding them is quick, easy and perfect for DevOps. However, they lack data persistence, which is critical when DevOps shall embrace enterprise applications.”

5) The role of data management in DevOps

Add data persistence to your Docker containers:

6) 10 good reasons for DevOps with NetApp

01) Zero-Touch Storage*
02) Full Automation
03) OpenStack Advantage
04) Container Integration**
05) Data Protection
06) Production-Like QA Testing
07) Cost Savings
08) Developing Anywhere
09) Consistent Performance
10) Data Mobility

**The certified NetApp Docker Volume Plug-in works for ONTAP, SolidFire and E-Series.

7) Customer success with NetApp

Accelerate the software development lifecycle with the NetApp CodeEasy toolkit:
“The CodeEasy Toolkit is a DevOps methodology using NetApp FlexClone and NetApp Snapshot technologies to dramatically save developer checkout and build time and significantly reduce storage usage. It automates steps to create and manage developer FlexClone workspaces and easily fits into most DevOps environments with few to no changes. NetApp also offers FlexClone integration with Perforce Helix, a comprehensive platform for collaboration and version control.”

Image: NetApp CodeEasy toolkit

“NHN Entertainment is breaking down barriers to entry for game developers, who no longer need to own or manage their own IT infrastructure.”

8) NetApp credentials and benefits

+ Early DevOps adopter with an internally create environment: CodeEasy
+ Employs about 5000 software developers
+ Provides seamless integrations with enterprise-class data management
+ Supports open source and APIs for integration
+ Focuses on automation and self-service on premises and in the cloud
+ Recognized as the leader in data management and data protection (Source: IDC)
+ Enables critical capabilities, including data persistence and a validated technology stack for Docker containers, dynamic storage provisioning in Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code

To learn more, visit

APPENDIX: Other Resources

Image: Containers vs. VMs

List of Docker Community Editions:
+ Docker CE for MAC
+ Docker CE for Windows
+ Docker CE for CENTOS Distribution
+ Docker CE for Debian
+ Docker CE for Fedora
+ Docker CE for Ubuntu
+ Docker CE for AWS
+ Docker CE for Azure

List of Docker Enterprise Editions:
For Cloud Providers:
+ Azure
For Servers:
+ CentOS
+ Oracle Linux
+ Ubuntu
+ Windows Server 2016


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