Tech Roundup - 15th April 2018

Stuff collected in the last couple of months since the last Tech Roundup. With headings: Ducati, Microsoft, NetApp, NetApp Demo Series, NetApp Insight 2018, NetApp The Pub, NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast, NetApp TRs, Security, Veeam, VMware, WFA Guy, Miscellaneous


Ducati Partners with NetApp to Drive Digital Transformation of Motorcycle Racing in the MotoGP World Championship

How Ducati is Changing the Racing World with Data

Image: NetApp Sponsoring Ducati in MotoGP


Introducing Windows Server 2019 – now available in preview

What Is Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, and How Is It Different?

Long awaited ReFS stability fixes:


SnapCenter links to watch:

More Ways to Extract the Data You Need from OnCommand Unified Manager

How to Setup NetApp Harvest Using Kubernetes (Using Pre-Built Container Image)

Software-Defined Storage That Meets My High-Availability Needs

NetApp to Showcased Latest Video Surveillance Solutions at ISC West 2018

Storage Class Memory: What’s Next in Enterprise Storage

NetApp Demo Series

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This is the list of currently available recordings (alphabetical order, not date order):

NetApp Insight 2018

NetApp Insight 2018:
Las Vegas, Nevada - October 22-24
Barcelona, Spain - December 3-5

Check out the Facebook page:
And if you want to submit your own session, the deadline is May 8th!

Image: Save the Date: NetApp Insight 2018

NetApp The Pub

New since the last roundup:

Self-Service Data Recovery using Trident and NFS

Introducing StorageGRID Webscale Metrics API

Reducing Risk in OpenStack with NetApp Part 1: Encryption

How to deploy PostgreSQL using Kubernetes, Helm, and Trident

My Name is Queens

Automate the configuration of ONTAP systems for OpenStack with Puppet

Bidding our friends at {code} a fond farewell

NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast

New since the last roundup:

Episode 135: Cattle, Pets and the Hive Mentality in Tech with Matt Watts

Episode 134 – The Active IQ Story: Building a Data Pipeline for Machine Learning

Episode 133: Inside the NetApp E-Series E5700 & EF570

Episode 132: Vector Data

Episode 131: NetApp at Storage Field Day 15

Episode 130: WAFL Deep Dive

Episode 129: Cloud Control - Guarding Your SaaS Data

Episode 128: OnCommand Unified Manager 7.3

Episode 127: NetApp United

NetApp TRs

The following new TRs dropped in the last couple of months: 4667, 4668, 4669, 4670, 4671 and 4674. To see what they are all about (the titles), you’ll have to check this page:

Image: New TRs discovered by the PS TR Collector v2.1


Coinhive Crypto-Miner Now Affecting a Quarter of the World's Organizations

How ransomware variants are neutralizing data backups


Veeam Availability Suite - NetApp + Veeam
“With Veeam and NetApp AFF/FAS/FlexArray/V-Series, customers can create image-based backups as often as needed - even during business hours - with little to no impact on production environments to deliver recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO), or RTPO of less than 15 minutes for ALL applications and data, and for all applications in vSphere and Hyper-V environments.”

Veeam acquired N2WS to deliver industry-leading Availability and Protection for AWS Cloud:

Veeam’s Infinidat storage plug-in is now generally available (using Veeam’s v1 Universal Storage API):

Veeam Management Pack for System Center Version 8.0 Update 5 was out on 2018-03-06: Release Notes

VeeamON 2018: May 14-16 at McCormick Place, Chicago

VMCE training available during VeeamON 2018

Veeam CBT (Changed Block Tracking) Driver Technical Overview for Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows


VMware has released (on Feb, 15th) a new vCSA version: vCenter Server 6.5 U1f
And from Gostev’s Veeam Community Forums Digest aka ‘The Word from Gostev’:
“Notably, this release patches the vCSA operating system (Photon OS) against bounds-check bypass (Spectre-1, CVE-2017-5753) and rogue data cache load issues (Meltdown, CVE-2017-5754). However, there's still no patch for branch target injection vulnerability (Spectre-2, CVE-2017-5715). This ... 1.5 months after the public disclosure ... the perfect demonstration of the main drawback of proprietary Linux-based virtual appliances versus installable software for general-purpose OS. The result ... customers being exposed to the known threat for an extended period of time ...a software vendor having to waste many months patching vulnerabilities, instead of moving their product forward.”


This was something quite cool from Mr WFA Guy ( but I’ve not seen it posted...

Nothing more annoying than realizing the screensaver forced you to the login screen. So - to prevent the screen from locking - use this little hack!

Create a new text file somewhere with this content:

set wsc = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    WScript.Sleep (60*1000)
    wsc.SendKeys ("{SCROLLLOCK 2}")

Rename it to extension .vbs and run it!
Nothing appears to happen but in the background wscript.exe is running your script, which - every minute - will hit the scroll-lock button twice, avoiding a timeout locking the screen!


Worth a watch: