Upgrading SnapCenter Server 4.1.0 to 4.1.1P4

A lab run through of upgrading SnapCenter build to 4.1.1P4. Download link for SnapCenter 4.1.1P4 = https://mysupport.netapp.com/products/snapcenter/4.1.1P4/index.html

Note: This lab just has SnapCenter for Exchange running. Read the official documentation as I’ll skip some things not relevant to this lab scenario.

Official Documentation:
SnapCenter Software 4.1: Installation and Setup Guide
See page 170.

2) Create a copy of the web.config

Located at C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapCenter WebApp

3) Create the SnapCenter MySQL database dump
(if the repository backup is not configured.)

md d:\SCBackup

mysqldump --all-databases --single-transaction --add-drop-database --triggers --routines --events -u root -p > D:\SCBackup\SCRepoBackup.dmp

When prompted, enter the password.

4) Run the downloaded .exe file to launch the SnapCenter upgrade wizard.

4.1) Welcome...

Click Next >

Image: Welcome to the Upgrade Wizard for NetApp SnapCenter Server...

4.2) Prerequisites Validation

Click Next >

Image: Prerequisites Validation

4.3) Credentials Upgrade

Enter the password.

Click Next >

Image: Credentials Upgrade

4.4) MySQL Database Connection

Enter the password.

Click Next >

Image: MySQL Database Connection

4.5) Ready to Upgrade

Click Upgrade

Image: Ready to Upgrade

Action/acknowledge any popups.
Note: Powershell ISE needs to be closed.

4.6) InstallShield Wizard Completed

Click Finish

Image: SnapCenter Server Upgrade Completed

The log files are (where xxx is a timestamp):
- MySQLInstaller_xxx
- SC_Package_Extraction_Log_xxx
- SMCoreInstall_xxx
- SMSInstall_xxx

5) Login to SnapCenter and Check the Version

About SnapCenter should say:
SnapCenter Server 4.1.1P4

6) Upgrade plugins

SnapCenter > Hosts > Managed Hosts
Select host
Click Modify

6.1) Modify: Select Upgrade plug-ins and click Next
6.2) Plug-ins: Make sure the correct Upgrade package is selected and click Next
6.3) Preinstall checks: click Next
6.4) Summary: click Finish

SnapCenter > Monitor > Jobs

Wait for the plugins to be upgraded.


Note: If your Dashboard headings don't display correctly after the upgrade, just reboot the SnapCenter server (that did the trick for me.)

Other tips (for upgrading SnapCenter plugins):

If a plugin is complaining that it cannot acquire information (cannot acquire .NET or PowerShell version so has red cross against their version status), rebooting the plug-in host server will fix this (restarting SnapCenter services does not fix.)

If the plugin appears to have installed (when checking the version on the plug-in host) but SnapCenter seems to be stuck on installing, try to manually update the plugin using the PowerShell in link [1] below:

[1] Upgrade SnapCenter Plug-in versions using PowerShell command for all Hosts in the environment:

[2] Upgrading SnapCenter Plug-in Package for Microsoft Windows or SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server might fail on hosts with SQL databases on VMDK:

[3] How to Install a SnapCenter Plug-In manually and directly from the Plug-In Host:

[4] Manual remove SnapCenter Plug-Ins from Plug-In host: